Diarrhea: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 2)




Diarrhea is a condition that no one likes to experience, but it’s certainly one that more people should understand. Here are more facts about diarrhea that most people don’t know.

Number Eight: Dairy After Diarrhea Is a No-No

After someone has gone through a serious case of diarrhea, it is absolutely necessary that they not consume any cow milk products. This and caffeine are very bad for the bowels right after a flushing of this manner.

Number Seven: It Can Make You Faint

In the worst of cases, this condition can really wreak havoc on the body. Sometimes, it can make you even faint. Talk about a bad experience.

Number Six: It’s Important Not to Brush it Off

It is not uncommon to see someone get diarrhea multiple times in their life. Doctors advise people with undiagnosed conditions to keep a journal and write down all the times it happens, the experiences, etc., which can be found by medical experts in times of emergency.

Number Four: It Was Part of a Crazy, Bloody Death

Arius, the presbyter of Alexandria, died a crazy death. He was supposedly poisoned, and then he had diarrhea, then hemorrhaging, and then he died, but only after his intestines came out of his anus. That must have been one of the most violent deaths in history.

Number Three: There Are Multiple Types

There isn’t just one kind of diarrhea. Others include “traveler’s diarrhea” or “cruise ship diarrhea,” which are different due to the ways in which those different circumstances affect the body.

Number Two: Call the Doctor If…

People who have the condition either have not much to concern themselves with or they have a lot. If they have the condition and also experience fatigue, headaches, a rapid heart rate, or dry skin should call the hospital right away.

Number One: Too Much Can Be Acidic

If someone experiences the condition too much, it can make the bowels much more acidic than it should ever be. To prevent the effects which may be caused by the acidity, one should aid the stomach by avoiding acidic foods afterward. Thanks for reading!

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