Diarrhea: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 1)




Diarrhea is something that most people have to deal with one time or another. Despite this fact, there are a good number of things people don’t know about the condition, and here are some of them. Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: It Eliminates Germs

Although the runs are something that no one likes to experience, it can actually be a great thing for the body. Its number one priority is to make sure your body is eliminated of germs.

Number Fourteen: Rehydration is Key

Many people go out of their way to avoid diarrhea but is actually more crucial that an individual rehydrates themselves after the fact. It’s important to drink at least as much liquid as was lost during the event. Salt and sugar may also need to be replenished, so some fruit and celery may be a good place to start.

Number Thirteen: It Could Indicate Something More Serious

Most of the time, diarrhea occurs for a minor reason, but it is important to know that it can also be an indicator or something more serious. Some of the things which it may indicate are colitis or low blood pressure.

Number Twelve: It Can Be Avoided With the Right Kind of Water

Diarrhea isn’t something that is inevitable: it can be avoided. Depending on the region you are at, it may be very important to not drink the tap water that is available, since poor water is often the cause of it.

Number Eleven: It Can Be Caused by Stress

Not many people realize that the condition can be caused by stress. Stress, for instance, can make the bowels push waste quicker.

Number Ten: Runner’s Diarrhea Is a Thing

Diarrhea can be caused by a lot of things, and running is one of them. The bowels can be much looser at the end of a run, but it’s not extremely common.

Number Nine: Stop Diarrhea With Fiber

Diarrhea occurs because the body is not absorbing enough of the water from waste, leading it to shed it too quickly. Fiber helps with water absorption, so having more fruits and vegetables should help. Diarrhea is quite common but is still not very well understood by too many people. Stay tuned for the second part of the article, which is coming soon!

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