Diabetes: 7 Signs You Could be Diabetic




If you go a long time with undiagnosed diabetes, you’re at a risk for serious complications. These can include heart problems, blindness, and more. If something has been feeling different with you lately, you might need to get checked out. Here are some signs you may be diabetic.

Number Seven: Frequent Visits to the Bathroom

When your body isn’t great at breaking down sugar, it stays in your bloodstream. Your body’s way of flushing out the excess is frequent urination.

Number Six: You’re Feeling Thirstier than Usual

Frequent bathroom breaks have a tendency to make you feel very thirsty. Make sure you’re quelling that thirst with water and not sugary drinks, just in case.

Number Five: You’ve Lost Some Weight

Since extra weight puts you at extra risk for getting diabetes, it seems strange that losing weight could signal the disease. However, the frequent urination could contribute to weight loss.

Number Four: You Feel Shaky

If you’ve been feeling unsteady, this could be a warning sign. Make sure you’re paying attention to these subtle cues so you can catch the illness early on.

Number Three: Feeling Tired All the Time

Everyone gets tired every so often, but consistent fatigue is a problem. Diabetes makes it so that your body has trouble getting energy through nutrition, which means you will find yourself feeling a lot more tired than usual.

Number Two: Mood Symptoms- Grumpiness or Depressed Feelings

Blood sugar issues make you feel terrible in a variety of ways. This includes feelings of exhaustion and even symptoms that look and feel a lot like depression.If you find yourself wanting to stay inside and sleep a lot, it could signal that you are diabetic.

Number One: Slow Healing Injuries Could Signal Diabetes

When your blood sugar is high, your system of immunity (which aids healing) is not functioning at optimal capacity. This could manifest as slower healing time when you get a cut or a scrape. If you notice this symptom, be sure to consult a healthcare professional to rule out diabetes. Thanks for reading our article, and we hope you learned something.

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