Derek Jeter: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Derek Jeter is an American baseball legend, and we have finally got the full scoop on everything you didn’t know about this athletic star! Jeter has made his way into the hearts of many Americans for his team loyalty and incredible athletic feats, but there is still so much that even the biggest baseball fanatics don’t know about this legendary shortstop. Don’t forget to come back for our coming part two article to discover the top eight things that you didn’t know about Derek Jeter!

Number Fifteen: Jeter Flakes

For a short time, this all-star ball player sported a very unique and personal like of frosted corn flake cereal. It was called “Jeter’s Frosted Flakes Cereal”, and was limited to the production of a mere 250,000 boxes.

Number Fourteen: Jeter and Jordan’s Playful Rivalry

Off the field, Jeter has a playful rivalry going on with basketball legend Michael Jordan. He has claimed that Jordan likes to text him quite often to rub it in his face that he has one more championship ring than Jeter.

Number Thirteen: Derek Jeter for Skippy

Though many athletes are currently known for their endorsements of Skippy brand peanut butter, Jeter was the very first to start the trend at the beginning of his career. Whether he put his face on smooth or crunchy, we will never know.

Number Twelve: The Family Sport

Unsurprisingly, Derek isn’t the only talented ballplayer in the Jeter family. In fact, he chose his shortstop position primarily because his father played that position when he played for Fisk University. In addition, Derek’s sister Sharlee also performed well in her high school softball team.

Number Eleven: The Dating Diamond

Known to be quite the player on and off the field, Jeter is often renowned for his dating history. Among his exes are impressive names like Tyra Banks, Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba, and Scarlett Johansson.

Number Ten: A Special Captain

When Jeter was awarded the title of the official team captain for the Yankees in 2003, it took about eight seasons to make the decision. All this time, the team had remained captain-less until the right candidate arose. In all of the franchise’s history, he is only the 14th person to bear the title of Yankees captain.

Number Nine: The Favorite’s Favorite

Every prized ballplayer has a baseball idol that inspired them to greatness, and for Jeter that man was Dave Winfield. Jeter claimed this former Yankee to be his favorite throughout his childhood, especially after he got Winfield’s autograph when he was 12 years old. Don’t forget to come back for our coming part two article to discover the top eight things that you didn’t know about Derek Jeter!

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