Depression: Top 7 Most Common Misconceptions



Depression is not a fun topic. Many people suffer from this devastating affliction each year, and there is a lot of misinformation out there about it. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about it.

Number Seven: Depression And Sadness Are the Same

Although sadness is the best-known symptom of depression, they are not the same thing. Sadness is fleeting and usually temporary while depression is a more serious, chronic condition that lasts a long time. Sadness is one of the many negative emotions depressed people experience.

Number Six: It’s a Sign of Weakness

Stereotypes and beliefs like this are the reason why so many sufferers of this mental issue are afraid to seek help. It’s not a choice to develop depression, and it often happens despite people handling things the right way.

Number Five: It’s Always Brought About by Trauma

Although depression can be, and often is, a result of specific occurrences in life, there are times when it comes on for apparently no reason. Depression brought on by specific life events usually fades with time, while diagnosed depression is a bit more permanent.

Number Four: Depression Is All in Your Head

It’s a serious mental condition, and it’s not a case of “mind over matter.” People with this illness often have differing chemical structures in their brains that make functioning more difficult.

Number Three: Real Men Don’t Suffer From It

Although women are twice as likely to develop this condition than men, it doesn’t mean men don’t have it too. Middle-aged white males have the highest number of suicide rates and this can often be traced back to this disorder.

Number Two: If Your Parents Were Depressed, You Will Be Also

Genetic disposition does increase risk, but it’s not as common as most people think. You’re only at a 10 to 15% risk of developing this due to genetics.

Number One: You Will Need Medication Forever

Some people believe that choosing to go on an antidepressant means you’re signing up for life or developing a dependency. This is not true, however. Medication is often needed only as a temporary coping mechanism. We hope you found our article about this illness educational and informative, thanks for reading.

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