Denver mid-century FABULOUS!



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I am insanely excited to display this mid-century modern home located in the hip Krisana neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. This creative cornucopia of color just went under contract and I am hoping that the new owners don’t change a thing!

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Talk about open concept living! Each area is so open and spacious, yet defined by a different complimentary color:

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The custom paint work is just gleeful. The architecture is striking. And the furniture is completely fabulous.

This place is absolutely BATHED in light and color!

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The color scheme is unusual and captivating, but not overpowering. It is balanced with the right amount of white – framing the artistic patterns very nicely.

I do believe that the current owner/decorator has really captured the fun essence of a modern mid-century ranch interior. I can’t stop looking at this house!

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Amazing mosaic tile work on the kitchen island:

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The exposed white-painted rafters and tongue-and-groove ceilings are tremendously effective in creating a light, almost euphoric atmosphere.

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The exterior is equally clean and crisp with minor pops of accent color…

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View from the street – the tidy courtyard entrance:

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I am completely in love.

My sincere hope is that the new owners appreciate and honor the joyous spirit of this house.

For the complete listing details, check out:

(I feel totally revitalized after just looking at this house!)

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