Denver Broncos: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We filled you in with the seven things that you didn’t know about the Denver Broncos in part one, and now we have finally brought you part two! Whether you love the team or they have become your mortal enemies, this team is storming the professional football fields across the nation. To discover the juicy details about this team of champions, read on and discover our top eight things that you didn’t know about the Denver Broncos!

Number Eight: Elam Over Elway

The football threat known as Elway is the primary face of the Broncos’ franchise this season, although that title seems to be a better for to Elam. Elam has dedicated his career to playing 236 total games for the Denver team, towering over Elway’s 231.

Number Seven: A Legendary Addition

Frank Tripucka was quite a legendary addition to the Denver family. He originally served as a CFL coach after his retirement, but was hired by the Broncos as an assistant. After the team encountered countless issues with their quarterback position, Tripucka swooped in to become the team’s savior. He unretired to help out his Denver family in 1960, and served as their starting quarterback.

Number Six: Birmingham Broncos?

When the AFL and NFL were in process of merging, the Denver team experienced an imposing risk of relocation to Birmingham, Alabama. In order to prevent the unwanted change of location, Floyd Little and other dedicated Broncos team members actually went door-to-door to raise funds to keep their status. Without these efforts, they would have transformed into the Birmingham Broncos. We have to admit that it has a nice ring to it, but Birmingham just simply isn’t home.

Number Five: Building a New Reputation

With the 2016 prestigious win of the Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos have initiated the transformation of their reputation. This win is the third Super Bowl Cup to be awarded to the team, and has been the first since 1998. With this success under their belt, it is time for the Broncos to rebuild their reputation.

Number Four: Denver Hall of Famers

In the recent decade, the Broncos has raised three players to greatness, recognized by their induction into the Football Hall of Fame. John Elway was inducted as early as 2004, Gary Zimmerman in 2008, and Floyd Little (finally!) in 2010. Soon, the admittance of Peyton Manning will be announced, as well.

Number Three: Denver Broncos Retirees

In all of the team’s history, they have retired the jerseys, and numbers, of only three star players. These notable jersey retirees are John Elway (number 4), Frank Tripucka (18), and Floyd Little (44).

Number Two: The Four-Legged MVP

Miles the Bronco is the teams iconic face, serving as the modern official mascot of the team. He first appeared in a 2001 game to introduce himself, and stations himself today at the Sports Authority field in Denver. Miles emerged alongside the original team mascot, who was fully replaced in 2004. The original mascot was the renowned purebred stallion, Thunder, who passed away in 2009. Today, he is still payed homage with the appearance of look-alike stallions, all bred by Sharon Magness-Blake.

Number One: Earning a Comeback

With the recent Super Bowl win, the Broncos are certainly striving to fix their broken reputation. A reputation so broken, in fact, that the team holds the record for the largest margin loss in the history of the Super Bowl games. In 1990, the record game between the Broncos and San Francisco 49ers ended 55-10, creating a record-breaking loss margin of 45 points. We hope you enjoyed learning our 15 things that you didn’t know about Denver Broncos.

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