Denver Broncos: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



The Denver Broncos have recently been named the champions of the 2016 Super Bowl, but how much do you really know about this successful team? If the answer is “not much”, don’t worry! We have compiled an extensive article with everything you didn’t know about this team to fill you in on what you’re missing out on! Don’t forget to return for our coming part two article, featuring the top eight things that you didn’t know about the Denver Broncos!

Number Fifteen: Home is Where the Heart is

For the longest time, the Broncos have been known to be the only non-Texas professional team between California and Missouri. Remarkably, they are the only team in the AFC West franchise to refuse relocation. Denver is where the heart of this team lives!

Number Fourteen: The Power of Bare Feet

Rich Karlis is a proud member of the exceptional Denver team. He is best known for his accomplishment in winning “The Drive” AFC title game with his successful and legendary OT field game. In addition, he was the last of a dying breed, as the very last full-time barefoot kicker that the NFL has seen.

Number Thirteen: Underrated Plummer

Plummer is capable of great feats, but sadly doesn’t receive as much recognition for his accomplishments as Manning and Elway. He holds the record for the most passed yards in a game, after passing 499 yards in the 2004 game with the Atlanta team.

Number Twelve: The Orange Crush Defense

Denver’s famed player, Steve Foley, is renowned for his extensive contributions to the team. He holds the title for the all-time leader in Bronco’s career interceptions, and built a name for himself as the “Orange Crush” defense. Surprisingly, the man was a quarterback in college.

Number Eleven: Goodbye to Mustard Uniforms

In 1963, the Broncos team underwent a stylish makeover. The new and improved uniforms that we know today replaced the previous mustard-yellow and brown uniforms with vertically striped socks. In appreciation, fans ceremoniously burned the old insults to football fashion.

Number Ten: Kicking Butkus

The Hall of Fame legend LB Dick Butkus was an intimidating and all-around revolutionary player. He was discovered in 1965 when he was drafted by the Broncos, however was stolen away by the Chicago Bears where he cultivated his feared reputation.

Number Nine: The Denver Broncos Take the NFL

The Broncos were primarily and Arena Football League (AFL), and possibly the worst of the bunch. The team was known for having the worst record in all of the AFL, but swooped into the NFL when they kicked the Detroit Lions’ butts in a 1967 game. As inconsistent as it was to their reputation, they were the first AFL team to beat a NFL team. Don’t forget to return for our coming part two article, featuring the top eight things that you didn’t know about the Denver Broncos!

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