Deer: 10 Fun Facts That Will Surprise You (Part 2)



When you look at a deer, you probably think at least one of these two things: Deer Hunter, and Bambi. Don’t worry: the irony isn’t lost on us. Today at PPcorn, we will show you some fun facts – 10, to be exact – about deer that might expand your ideas about these beautiful forest creatures. These are the last five of the group.

Number Five: Fawns Don’t Smell. We don’t even mean that fawns don’t even smell bad. They don’t smell: period. They have no scent, as to remain undetected by predators. Interesting enough, deer hunters comment on the fact that when cutting open these precious animals, their stench is much worse than other types of kills. Maybe they shouldn’t be hunting them?

Number Four: You Can’t Sneak Up On One. You’re not supposed to be able to, anyway: these amazing forest animals have 360-degree vision. Of course, this is probably understood, especially if you have ever witnessed someone try to do just that. Usually, a person has to be extremely stealthy to not scare one of these beasts away.

Number Three: Deer Temperature Protection 101. Hollow hairs keep deer insulated in extreme weather. That is some helpful biology. On a side note, this seems similar to other kinds of creatures that require similar functions, like camels, whose humps help them with body temperature regulation.

Number Two: Not One Pair Is Alike. Every pair of antlers is different: no two are identical. People should take this as nature’s way of telling us that people should be unique.

Number One: Israeli Represent. A deer is the mascot for the Israeli Postal Authority. You can see one on the arms. While it can’t be said as to why this animal was chosen, we definitely think that it is pretty darn awesome.

As you can see, these creatures are much more intriguing that one may inspect by simply looking at them. While they may be sometimes set aside as plain prey animals with a skittish attitude, we now know that that is just not the case. Interested in learning more about forest animals? Click here to see some crazy bear action!

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