Deer: 10 Fun Facts That Will Surprise You (Part 1)



When you look at a deer, you probably think at least one of these two things: Deer Hunter, and Bambi. Don’t worry: the irony isn’t lost on us. Today at PPcorn, we will show you some fun facts – 10, to be exact – about deer that might expand your ideas about these beautiful forest creatures.

Number Ten: In A Way, They’re Inconsistent. There are a lot of names for these animals. It is quite strange, once you think about it. Three names are used when referring to females (hinds, cows, or does), and four for males (bulls, bucks, harts, or stags). Why not pick just one or two names? What’s the big mystery behind it all?

Number Nine: They Can Live Anywhere. When people think of deer, most likely, they’re not aware of the fact that they can live in tropical rainforests as well as in the tundra (and every other kind of climate in-between). Talk about versatile! Having said this, of course, these different climates require unique physical characteristics in order for them to survive. Naturally, this does not make them particularly different from any other species.

Number Eight: Antlers Are Not Permanent. It is pretty much understood by the masses that the males grow antlers. However, did you know that they regrow them every single year? Antlers are not just a physical trait with which other males fight in order to determine dominance. They are also used for mating purposes (to draw those does in)

Number Seven: They’re Fast Walkers. When a baby deer, known as a fawn, is born, they are on their feet in 20 minutes. A good number of other animals share this trait, like horses and bovine creatures in general. This trait certainly makes these animals superior to humans in that capacity.

Number Six: Antlers Grow Crazy Fast. It’s true: antler tissue is the fastest kind of living tissue to exist on the planet. Some scientists are not sure as to why this is the case, but its ability to impress is there, nevertheless. Beat that, bamboo!

There are so many more awesome facts about deer! Stay tuned for part 2 of deer: 10 fun facts that will surprise you, coming soon!

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