Deadwood: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




We already brought you part one of this list of facts about the HBO series Deadwood. We learned that while some of the content of the show is based in reality, others are exaggerated or omitted. Here is part two of the article.

Number Eight: What Happened to the Bullocks?

Seth died of cancer when he was 70 years old, and Martha lived to be 88. They were outstanding members of their town, Seth was friends with Roosevelt, and Martha even helped construct the town library.

Number Seven: ‘Then You’re Jewish’

John Hawkes said he was not Jewish and then was asked by David Milch if he’s ever felt shameful, sad, or ostracized. When Hawkes responded that he had, Milch told him that he is, in fact, Jewish.

Number Six: Garret Dillahunt Auditioned to be Bullock

The Raising Hope actor hoped to land the lead role but got turned down. When this happened, he was given two characters to play in Deadwood.

Number Five: Deadwood and Sons of Anarchy

There have been quite a few actors from Sons of Anarchy that later appeared in Deadwood. In fact, 14 actors have appeared in both series.

Number Four: Ian McShane’s Favorite Shows

The actor who plays Al Swearengen has listed Family Guy and The Simpsons as his absolute favorites and thinks they are the best on TV. This is because, according to him, they tell you what’s happening in the world.

Number Three: There’s Something About Mary

The actor who played Dan Dority in the show appeared in another production that some people may not be aware of. This was the character of Warren in There’s Something About Mary.

Number Two: Gold Was Huge, and Made Everything Expensive

During the period that the show is filmed in, there was such an excess of gold, that everything became ridiculously expensive. A dozen eggs back in 1876 in the town cost the same amount that they do now!

Number One: Men Outnumbered Women 200 to One

In the real Deadwood, there was an extreme shortage of women. This made competition for female attention quite high. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of facts about this show.

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