Deadwood: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Deadwood came out on March 21, 2004, but went off the air after only 36 episodes. The ratings were’t very high, but the show still managed to gain a sizable fan base, and many people tried to bring it back. Here’s part one of our list of facts about the series.

Number Fifteen: Records in Cursing

This show has a unique feature. It has a lot more curse words than other shows. The word “f***” is used almost 3,000 times during the show, making that 1.6 “f***”s per minute.

Number Fourteen: Ellsworth Chose His First Name

His character did not have a first name for quite a while when the show began. When Jim Beaver finally decided on one, Whitney was chosen.

Number Thirteen: The Pilot of Deadwood was Directed by Walter Hill

Some TV and film enthusiasts may recognize this name. Hill directed Warriors and did some screenwriting for Aliens. Walter Hill won a directing Emmy for the pilot.

Number Twelve: The Bullock Hotel Still Exists Today

It was built by Seth Bullock, who plays the lawman and owner of a hardware store in the show. And yes, the building is still there.

Number Eleven: Al Swearengen Was Worse Than the Show Portrays

The man that the character in the show was based on used to lure women into Deadwood with lies about giving them jobs and convert them to sex slaves. He also abused them terribly and was killed trying to escape Deadwood by hitching to Colorado.

Number Ten: Jack McCall Really Shot Wild Bill Hickock

This was because he felt insulted after losing a game of poker. Although this part of the story is real, the parts about McCall shooting Wild Bill over the murder of his brother was completely fabricated, as history shows that the man did not, in actuality, have a brother.

Number Nine: Bullock Originally Came From Canada

And he married Martha, played by actress Anna Gunn of Breaking Bad in Salt Lake City. The couple then ended up relocating to Deadwood. We hope you enjoyed part one of our list of facts about Deadwood. Check back soon for part two.

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