Deadpool: 15 Facts to Blow Your Mind (Part 2)



Deadpool is one crazy anti-hero. Recently, PPcorn released an article talking about some crazy things about this maniacal chatterbox, and today, we’re going to talk about some more.

Number Eight: He Is Nearly Invincible – But Not Totally. In the last post, we mentioned that Deadpool has fantastic regenerative skills, but we didn’t mention which things he is able to survive. The man can live through beheading and even nuclear explosions.

Number Seven: There’s a Reason He Wears Red All the Time. Deadpool wears red so that his blood won’t show when he gets attacked, giving his foes the impression that he is a God who can’t be killed. Even with the bleeding, he is practically unstoppable, but he’s even scarier when people think he doesn’t bleed at all.

Number Six: He Has a Sidekick. And no, we don’t mean that old type of phone people used to have in the early 2000s. We mean the comic type of sidekick who helps the hero (anti-hero in this case). His sidekick who is named Weasel is an arms dealer and is also quite neurotic and spastic. We think that makes him quite well suited for Deadpool.

Number Five: He Wants to Be BFFs With Spiderman – And Maybe More. Throughout the series, this antihero continually tries to get Spiderman to be his best friend, although sometimes his methods would allude to an idea that he wants much more than this.

Number Four: He’s Killed by Talking. One of the ways that Deadpool fights his foes is through his chattering. One time, he made an enemy kill himself just because he wouldn’t stop!

Number Three: He Has Cancer. This character has many different origins, but there is once undeniable constant: that Deadpool had cancer. In order to cure his cancer, he volunteered for the Weapon X program that promised him Wolverine’s regenerative healing powers. Although he received these powers, he got a lieu of mental problems and deformities in return. 

Number Two: He’s Willing to Have Sex with his Female Self. The antihero’s sexuality is not an unknown fact, but not many people know that he would be willing to have sex with himself (in female form). In fact, he’s willing to have sex with just about anyone and anything: even a tree. Talk about crazy!

Number One: He Hates His Existence. Something that Deadpool fans love about him is his comedy, which he often exhibits through breaking “the fourth wall” by talking directly to the audience. However, in these moments, it becomes known that he is self-aware of the fact that he isn’t a real character, a burdening notion which makes readers aware of his self-deprecation.

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