Deadpool: 15 Facts to Blow Your Mind (Part 1)



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MowgliArt via

Deadpool is everyone’s favorite antihero these days. If you’re looking forward to seeing this comic character this month on the big screen, there’s a number of facts you should know before walking in. We think they’ll blow your mind too.

Number Fifteen: Cows Scare Him. Despite Deadpool’s general awesomeness, like many other comic book characters, he certainly has a weakness. Deadpool has an amazing fear of cows, which inhibit him across the series.

Number Fourteen: He Was Once a Villain. If you know anything about Deadpool, than you probably already know this fact. However, if you are just a fan that’s getting excited for this month’s film, then perhaps this may shock you. He’s now your everyday antihero, but when Marvel first introduced him to the public in the early 90’s, he was advertised as being very lethal.

Number Thirteen: He’s a Father. It is definitely no unknown fact that Deadpool is omnisexual, meaning that he is often very sexual to a great number of individuals he finds attractive (when the opportunity presents itself) but the fact that he has a daughter is not. His daughter’s name: Eleanor. She was born as a result of being seduced by a woman who hid his paternity from him. He only learned of his fatherly status after the woman died.

Number Twelve: He Cares About Children More Than Most People Realize. It’s true: the anti-hero has a heart. It is usually displayed towards children in need, which he has consoled from time to time.

Number Eleven: He’s Been Married Once or Twice. This, of course, is an understatement. Deadpool has been married many times, but finally settled down for a woman known as Dracula, interestingly enough. Some of the other trysts he has had has been with Black Widow and Yelena Belova.

Number Ten: He’s Died More Than Once. One of the coolest things about Deadpool, which is also one of his integral traits, is that he has amazing regenerative skills. As a result, he has died more than once, from which he was able to be reborn, in a sense. One time he died, 4 versions of himself sprung forth, which represented his different parts.

Number Nine: He’s Strangely Like Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds will be playing Deadpool in this month’s film, and the similarities are quite strange. He is not only of the same build and height, but he also has the same humor and is from the same country. Reynolds is even mentioned in the comics themselves! Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

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