Dazzling 1860’s Octagon house in New York state



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This stunning architectural and historic home is located in Irvington-On-Hudson, New York.

It is the only known residence constructed in the eight-sided, domed colonnaded shape of a classic Roman Temple.

– from: http://www.josephpelllombardi.com

image from: http://www.josephpelllombardi.com/5homes/newoctagon.html

Officially known as the The Armour-Stiner House, this home was originally built in the 1860’s but fell into disrepair by the 1970’s. The Octagon House was bought in 1978 for $75,000 by Preservation Architect Joseph Pell Lombardi and was meticulously restored. He remains the owner to this day.

Enter into this uniquely gorgeous home…

image from: http://www.josephpelllombardi.com

The salon…

image from: http://www.josephpelllombardi.com/5homes/newoctagon.html

The solarium…

image from: http://www.josephpelllombardi.com/5homes/newoctagon.html

While the home is in extraordinary condition – thanks to the gentle and knowledgeable touch of it’s owner, Joseph Pell Lombardi – he likens the tedious upkeep to that of a suspension bridge:

Once you reach the end, you have to go back to the beginning and start again.

– from: The Real Deal 11/08

The dining room…

The dance floor in the dome…

image from: http://www.josephpelllombardi.com/5homes/newoctagon.html

The observatory…

image from: http://www.josephpelllombardi.com

The kitchen…

image from: http://www.josephpelllombardi.com/5homes/newoctagon.html

Entirely furnished with period antiques and artwork from the 1870’s, this home could be a museum. It is draw-droppingly beautiful.

The master bedroom…

image from: http://www.josephpelllombardi.com

The library…

image from: http://www.josephpelllombardi.com

The music room…

image from: http://www.josephpelllombardi.com

Stepping outside to the veranda…

image from: http://www.josephpelllombardi.com

Outdoor gas-lamp…

image from: http://www.josephpelllombardi.com

The Octagon House is absolutely exquisite, and the owner/restorer deserves a special place in heaven for this undertaking.

Still,  Joseph Pell Lombardi laments,

I have a hammock I’ve never ever been in. There are many times when I’ve had $5,000 that I spent restoring part of the house rather than go out for a night on the town.

– from: The Real Deal 11/08

image from: http://www.josephpelllombardi.com/5homes/newoctagon.html

Ugh, do I know the feeling (granted on a much, much smaller scale).

For more photos of the house and grounds, and detailed floor plans, please see Joseph Pell Lombardi’s website here.


10/24/2012 – UPDATE

I received the following email this week from Joseph Pell Lombardi regarding the completed restoration of the Egyptian Revival Music Room in the Armour-Stiner Octagon House. Read the following for all the amazing details of the meticulous job they did!

I thought you might be interested in  seeing an image of the completed (but not fully decorated) reinstatement of the  Egyptian Revival Music Room at the Armour-Stiner (Octagon) House.

    In the spring of 2010, an arm chair and two side chairs  with Joseph Stiner’s name painted on the frames were discovered at a nearby sale  (Stiner created the house in 1872 and lived in it until 1882).
    The chairs, made by the noted 19th century New York  furniture maker Pottier & Stymus, are in an Egyptian Revival style.   The Music Room on the third floor of the Octagon House contains an Egyptian  Revival gas chandelier and two sconces.  The second layer of paint consists  of the ochre and earth colors associated with the Egyptian Revival style.   It is assumed that Stiner redecorated the Music Room in the late 1870s, when the  Egyptian Revival style became popular in the United  States.      In 2011, under the direction of my son, Michael Lombardi, the reinterpretation of the Music Room commenced including a  study of the Egyptian Hall in the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia which contains  one of the finest 19th century Egyptian Revival rooms in the country.   Photographs of 19th century Egyptian Revival rooms in houses show the use of  friezes with Egyptian style figures similar to the Egyptian  Hall.       Based upon the second layer  of paint in the Music Room, fragmentary evidence of the lost decoration, the  original Stiner furniture and precedents such as the Masonic Temple  Egyptian Hall and photos of 19th century Egyptian Revival rooms  the Armour-Stiner House Egyptian Revival Music Room has just  been reestablished for the first time since the 1880s.
    An image can be seen on my website at
Scroll down to the Egyptian Revival Music Room – it can be  enlarged by clicking on it.
        Best regards,  Joe


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