David Guetta: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




As we mentioned in part one of our list, David Guetta is not your average DJ—he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke and he likes working inside his private jet. There’s still a lot to talk about regarding the lesser known side of the DJ. Keep reading!

Number Seven: His Ex-Wife Didn’t Approve of One of His Songs

Cathy Lobé, who had been married to David for 24 years until filing for divorce in 2014, was shocked to hear her then husband’s single “Sexy Bitch.” She found the word “bitch” to be offensive, but it was already too late to be changed.

Number Six: He’s an Art Connoisseur

Guetta loves art and whenever he travels to another country for work, he always tries to visit as many galleries as possible. His favorite museums are Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art and Paris’ Pompidou.

Number Five: He Also Loves Literature

He probably doesn’t have a lot of time to grab a book, but he does enjoy reading whenever he has a chance. His all-time favorite book is The Little Prince.

Number Four: Daft Punk Made David Guetta Famous

Fellow French electronic artist Thomas Bangalter, from Daft Punk, was the main booster for Guetta’s international rise. One day, back in the early ’00s, Guetta played his new record for Bangalter, whom he knew from Paris’ clubbing scene. Bangalter loved the album and passed it on to Virgin Records, who offered him a contract right away.

Number Three: David Guetta’s Horse Outcry

Guetta sparked major uproar when he brought a horse on stage into his 2015 Summer shows at Pachá Club Ibiza. Animal lovers complained about his “irresponsible decision” due to the high levels of noise and lighting that could potentially put the animal under a lot of stress. Guetta had to step back and remove the animal from his performance.

Number Two: First House Artist to Be on the Radio

Before Guetta came along, house music was never played on the radio. He realized a change needed to be made and worked hard to make it happen until, eventually, he became the first electronic artist to play house music on the radio: “For so long, I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t on the radio like it is now. I was playing every weekend to thousands of kids who were going crazy for this music, and I could feel that everyone wanted to hear it.”

Number One: He’s a Dubai Resident

We were aware that Guetta owns a house in Paris and another one in Ibiza but, did you know he’s also a Dubai resident? The DJ has a property in Dubai Marina he never talks about. Guetta spends quite some time in the Arab city whenever he wants to take a break from work and just relax. Whether you’re a fan of the artist or not, we hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about David Guetta!

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