Cupcakes: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We already brought you part one of our series on cupcakes. Since there are so many more delicious facts to know, here are a few more!

Number Eight: Winston Churchill Made Some Major Changes To The Dessert

For the first few decades that the cupcake was around, there was no frosting on top, as shocking as that may sound. It was not until Winston Churchill made the suggestion that frosting began appearing on the cakes. What a game changer!

Number Seven: People Like The Original Flavors of Cupcakes

With crazy flavors of cake coming out recently, cupcake ingredients range from the traditional to the fairly strange. But it looks like people still like the basic flavors of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate the most followed by red velvet according to multiple cupcake bakers.

Number Six: They Set Some Amazing Records

For some reason, we love making eating into a contest. The cupcake is no exception either, the record for eating the most cupcakes is 29 in 30 seconds. Don’t try to beat it unless you’re really hungry, though!

Number Five: Before Tins, Bakers Had To Be Resourceful

In its early days, there was a lot more to baking cupcakes then there is now. There were no liners or even cupcake tins to bake the treats in, so the bakers had to be creative. Teacups were used to put the batter in which were greased up with lard or butter to make it easy to remove the cakes later.

Number Four: New York Schools Aren’t a Big Fan

Giving out cupcakes in school on your birthday is an annual tradition for some school kids. But if you live in New York, you will be hard pressed to find this. School officials banned the dessert because they believe it leads to childhood obesity.

Number Three: There Is Such A Thing As A Cupcake ATM

You read that right, it actually exists. After Sprinkles bakery became so popular, they stepped up their game. They added the cupcake ATM to stores in Los Angeles and later New York where cupcakes will be served 24 hours a day.

Number Two: They’re Responsible for Inspiring the Mug Cake

A cupcake’s size and easy to find ingredients make it one of those desserts that is featured on sites like Pinterest and Buzzfeed on a regular basis. Their size also inspired another new dessert, the mug cake, which is now becoming extremely popular! We suggest trying the cookie butter mug cake first!

Number One: They Inspired A Song

The Beatles’ song “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” has been debated about for years because there are so many possible meanings for it. One is that it is about psychedelics, but there is another one. Cupcakes. Writer John Lennon makes no mention of the dessert in the song, but he has been quoted as saying “You never know what you’re writing when you write a song, it’s only years later you realize the truth. You think you’re writing about other people, but you’re really writing about cupcakes.” Thanks for reading our pieces on cupcakes!

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