Cupcakes: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Who doesn’t love a couple good cupcakes? With their delicious frosting and variety of cake flavors, you really cannot go wrong. In recent years, cupcakes have become a craze with cupcake bakeries opening across the country. And with their rise in popularity, here are a few facts on everyone’s favorite dessert that you may not know!

Number Fifteen: They Aren’t Exactly New

Cupcakes may be a new trendy thing, but the actual dessert has been around for quite awhile. They first appeared over 200 years ago during the 18th century and were originally called number cakes.

Number Fourteen: Cupcakes Are Replacing Wedding Cakes

At a wedding, the cake is usually the centerpiece. But for 13 percent of brides, cupcakes have now taken over. Looks like there will be new wedding traditions taking root and maybe fewer cake fights too!

Number Thirteen: They Have Their Own Holiday

You can pretty much get way with making a holiday for anything these days, cupcakes included. Their national holiday is December 15.

Number Twelve: Their Name Comes From The Measurements

The name cupcake may look like it refers to the cake’s size, but it actually has a completely different meaning. Beginning in the 19th century, the name cupcake was any cake whose ingredients could be measured by the cupful.

Number Eleven: The Original Cupcake Did Not Have Icing

It is hard to imagine a cupcake having no icing, but in the very beginning there wasn’t. Instead, lard was spread on top. Somehow, that does not sound as appetizing as frosting!

Number Ten: They’re Not All Tiny

The average cupcake is small enough to fit in your hand. But if you are not going for average, a cupcake will still be delicious. The smallest cupcake that has been baked was 1.5 cm tall and 3 cm wide while the largest was 1,224 pounds, four foot tall by 10 feet wide and had 2 million calories.

Number Nine: Hostess Redesigned The Cupcake

From having no icing to now having all flavors and sizes, the cupcake has gone through a few changes over the years. Its biggest was in 1947 when D.R. “Doc” Rice redesigned the dessert for Hostess. He came up with the idea of the white squiggly line to help determine the Hostess cupcakes from other brands and also added the cream filling. Stay tuned for our second article on cupcakes coming soon!

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