Crazy Toronto house on stilts



A friend of mine from Toronto alerted me to the pending sale of the infamous “stilt-house” in Toronto, Ontario (thanks Margaret)! This wicked house is located right near where I used to live in the east-side Toronto Beaches neighborhood.

I posted last week about a house on stilts in Evergreen, Colorado, but this multi-colored, multi-storied giant Rubik’s cube-like thing takes the prize for most jaws hitting the ground:

photo from:

You like? I’m CRAZY about this place!

According to the listing on, the one bedroom, one bath, 800 square foot house features:

‘Chimney Effect’ Cooling And Ventilation, In-Floor Radiant Heat, And A Rain Dispersal System. The Roof Deck Overlooks A Dense Tree Canopy With Lake Views & Cityscape Beyond And Is Engineered To Support A Green Roof.


Apparently, the house on Coxwell Avenue sold at record speed, bringing in six competing bids from potential buyers. The Toronto Star reports that the house is under contract for “well over the asking price of $349,000 — to a couple with two young children.” The couple plans to expand the house so that it suits the needs of their family of four.

Why build on stilts in a heavily developed urban landscape?

The stilts minimize vibrations from streetcars and lift the unusual home up to street level, where it has delighted children, and perplexed their parents, for almost a decade.

From: The Toronto Star

I can relate to the point on minimizing streetcar vibrations. (Nevermind living over a subway line!)

The house was designed by Rohan Walters  and built in 2003 on a long, narrow lot on a busy Toronto street.

Wondering what the inside looks like?

Here are some interior pictures courtesy of a 2011 article:

photos from:

The rooftop deck:

photo from:

The property also includes one built-in parking spot:

photo from:

It’s hard to believe that a family of four will make this towering Lego-stack their home…

photo from:

But – wow – they are going to have fu-un with this house!
[02/03/2012 – Update! The contract fell through but a new buyer quickly came forward. See link here for more details:–toronto-s-tiny-cube-house-sells-again-for-more-than-125-000-over-349-000-asking-price?bn=1 ]

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