Colorful house on the Venice canal



(Venice, California, that is.)

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Most of the homes in Venice, California are small, historic, light and neutral colored cottages (like the one I featured a few months ago here). But not Nely Galan’s house.

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Nely Galan’s house is a modern power-packed PUNCH of color.

Recently featured in the L.A. Times, this house was inspired by the colorful homes of Cuba, Greece and Italy.

Nely Galan is the former president of entertainment for Telemundo and executive director of the Fox makeover reality show “The Swan“. She likes to do things that are bold.

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She hired professional colorist Patssi Valdez to supervise the dizzying color application. Apparently, it took each color “eight coats of paint to achieve its radiance.” – L.A. Times

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Nely Galan’s house is as surprising on the inside as it is on the outside.

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Peaceful, calm, serene, spa-like. And white.

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White, white, white.

Well, okay, there’s a little color…

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Like that furry green rug (above).

But by and large, it is neutral-on-white on the inside of a multi-colored shell.

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It is another one of those ‘insides don’t match the outsides’ houses, which I am beginning to really like.

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It’s completely lovely and sassy at the same time.

Nely Galán’s house on one of Los Angeles’ Venice canals demands to be stared at – and discussed.

– from: The L.A. Times – Living Section


What’s your take on the colorful canal-side home?

Too much? Too loud?

Or fabulously bold?


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