Colonoscopy: Top 7 Health Benefits



Colonoscopy: Top 7 Health Benefits

Colonoscopy is the examination of the colon, or the large intestine through visual means. It can be conducted in a clinic, a hospital or even a doctor’s office. The person undergoing the examination is given a sedative for comfort, and then the doctor passes a narrow and flexible tube with a light inside the rectum. It then makes its way to the colon. The doctor may collect tissue samples or cells for testing and may also remove some polyps during the exam. It is recommended for people over 50 to get this test done after every decade passes. Following are some benefits to getting a colonoscopy done. The benefits are in terms of spotting diseases which might otherwise cause serious complications, and even death.

Number Seven: Colonoscopy Helps Spot Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is a serious disease. Fortunately, it is highly curable too and a colonoscopy at the right time can help fight it effectively.

Number Six: Polyps can be found using Colonoscopy

Polyps are fleshy tumors that usually occur prior to colon cancer. Thanks to colonoscopy, they can be spotted early and taken care of before cancer comes lingering. The procedure is called polypectomy and can be used to terminate polyps before they grow in size and become malignant.

Number Five: Colitis can be examined

Colitis is a chronic and recurrent inflammation of the colon. Through colonoscopy, one can find the exact location of the inflammation and the doctor can then administer the dose or treatment accordingly.

 Number Four: Diverticulosis and diverticulitis

These are pockets in the intestinal wall that develop over a long time and can get infected. With this procedure, one can see the extent of infection and also their frequency.

Number Three: Bleeding lesions

Bleeding can occur at different points of the colon. Colonoscopy can help spot them.

Number Two: Barium X ray exam

It is used for abnormal barium x-ray exam. It is certainly more detailed and can spot abnormalities more accurately.

Number  One: Abdominal symptoms

Abdominal symptoms like discomfort or pain, especially if associated with anemia or weight loss can be diagnosed much better with a colonoscopy. There are other tests available, like barium X-ray but they are not as effective.

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