Clinique: 7 Crucial Fun Facts About Your Beauty Brand



Clinique has been adding a touch of grace to the faces of the world for decades now, and we are here to present all of the fun facts you need to know about this beloved brand! Read on to discover the most crucial things that you never learned about Clinique!

Number Seven: A Different Beauty Aim

The Clinique brand sprouted from the Estee Lauder Company as early as 1968. From the very beginning, this brand took a unique approach to skin care. Rather than satisfy the generic needs of the public to reach a larger clientele, the brand aimed to cater to all types of specific skin types and their needs. They have always given their best efforts to creating a product that genuinely improves skin by gentle means.

Number Six: The Token Product

The most acclaimed product ever to hit the shelves of this company was the 3-Step System. The revolutionary technology of this cleansing system was unlike any of its kind when it was introduced to the public. This famous product is safe for allergies and sensitive skin alike, and works in a complimenting process of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

Number Five: A Historical Addition

Another remarkable product offered by this company is the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. This unique lotion is a historical addition to the line that is still sold today. It was one of the first products ever to be offered by Clinique, and has since used the same miracle formula.

Number Four: A Long Streak for Successful Packaging

In 2005, the company made a drastic change to the packing style that every product was sold in. To adhere to the modern day, this beauty brand altered its materials used to package its products to add an edgy spin; a packaging style that was beloved, as it had been used since the company’s early beginnings in 1968.

Number Three: Classic Advertising

Another iconic aspect of Clinique that the executives dare not to touch (yet) is their method of advertising. Since the company began, it has continued to format every ad as a close up of their products against a pure white background.

Number Two: Science-Backed Products

The key to the success of this company’s products lies within the elite team of dermatologists and chemists collaborating to bring us effective products. Every product is tested and cultivated with the latest technology. Clinique even pays tribute to its scientific roots by displaying every store helper in a fresh, white lab coat.

Number One: Get a Clinique Consultation

Your skin is unique, and Clinique understands. They will give you a free consultation personally at any store location or privately from the comfort of their online store. Beautiful skin is only a few questions and a small purchase away. We hope you enjoyed our list of the seven fun facts about the Clinique beauty brand!

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