Clever Stray Dog Begs For Money And Orders Hotdog For Himself With It



Bribery is always a smart move for animal owners who have resistant dogs. All dogs learn differently, but for training purposes, treats will help get the job done. When you use the right treats with a food-motivated dog, watch out: the learning process accelerates. A dog named Cabron took it to a new level, not only understanding how to get treats but also how to pay for them.

16. Food-Motivated Dogs

Image: Reddit

Dogs love to whine, howl, cry, bark, and make any other sound to get your attention at dinner time. Some people find it easier to resist these tactics than others. All dog owners find their pups irresistible, leading to an easy path for treats for the enterprising dog. However, some dogs have even more intelligence and can see a few steps ahead.

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