Cleopatra: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We recently brought you part one of our list of little-known facts about Cleopatra, the famous female ruler of Egypt. For instance, she may have poisoned her own brother, and been less beautiful than has been said throughout history. Here’s part two of our list.

Number Eight: A Sibling Rivalry

Incest and murder attempts were a huge part of traditions back in the days of this ruler. Her first brother-spouse, Ptolemy XIII, drove her out of Egypt, and the pair ended up facing off in a civil war later on.

Number Seven: Cleopatra Had a Mysterious Death

It’s been said that she committed suicide. Other sources claim that she was bitten intentionally or otherwise, by a poisonous snake. We do know that she died sometime around 30 B.C.

Number Six: The ‘Inimitable Livers’

Cleopatra had a very famous and legendary love affair with Mark Antony. They needed each other for political reasons, but are also said to have enjoyed spending time together, and began a drinking club called the “Inimitable Livers.”

Number Five: She Was a Prankster

One of her favorite activities to partake in with her husband involved exploring the streets of Alexandria dressed in various disguises. They would then play pranks on residents of the city.

Number Four: Defeated by Octavian

Cleopatra led numerous warships against Octavian, but her tactics did not succeed. She and her husband Antony were forced to flee to safety in Egypt.

Number Three: The High Budget Cleopatra Film

She has been played by multiple actresses, but the most famous depiction of this historical figure was played by Elizabeth Taylor in ’63. Apparently production issues were a huge problem with the filming, and though the budget started at $2 million, it ended up costing closer to $44 million.

Number Two: She’s Connected to August

After defeating Cleopatra, Augustus was given a chance to name a month to celebrate his own honor. Instead of opting for September, the month of his birthday, he chose August to establish a reminder of her defeat.

Number One: She wasn’t Always Well-Liked

She insisted on being known as a queen, which displeased some people. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of interesting facts about this great historical woman.

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