Citibank: 7 Outstanding Things That You Didn’t Know



Citibank has become a large competitor in the modern banking industry, so we are here to give you the full scoop on what this bank is really about. We could all use some help with our decisions when it comes to finances, so read on to discover the seven outstanding facts we have for you about Citibank!

Number Seven: An Award-Winning Company

When it comes to winning awards, this bank certainly proves to be exceptional at it. In 2009, the Euromoney magazine named this institution to be “The Best Regional Cash Management Bank in Central and Eastern Europe.” Additionally, they attained the title of “Best Internet Bank for Corporate Clients” in the Czech Republic by Global Finance in 2005 and 2007-2010 consecutively.

Number Six: The Banking Big Boss

Although this institution isn’t necessarily the largest in America, it is often considered to be the largest banking facility across the globe. Citibank serves a mass number of over 200 million customers across a span of 160 countries. Its main location functions through Citibank Europe, stationed in the Czech Republic.

Number Five: Pledging to the Garden Bridge

Citibank doesn’t only invest in efficient money handling, but also in making the modern world a more beautiful place. The Citi group recently pledge approximately three million euros to the project that will affect generations, the London Garden Bridge. The plans for this pedestrian-oriented bridge include a tree and wildlife-lined walkway across the Thames River. If all goes according to plan, it will be unveiled in 2018.

Number Four: The Citi Bike

One of the most unique qualities of this inspirational banking group is their construction of the Citi Bike project. The system was introduced in 2013 to improve public health and decongest roads, and has since been aiding people in energy-efficient transportation when needed. Basically, this program offers bikes for rent in metropolitan areas for a small annual fee.

Number Three: Citibank ThankYou Rewards

Citibank endorses another great feature of their bank, the ThankYou Rewards program. This loyalty program is rumored to be the greatest of any financial institution, and offers high cash back rates in points that can be used by a variety of means. Customers with an eligible Citi credit card, or even checking account, can rake in the points just by using their Citi accounts to pay their everyday expenses! Points can be redeemed in the form of gift cards, discounts, air miles, prizes, and much more. They even have a points concierge that will help to put your points toward any little thing your heart might desire- really, anything!

Number Two: The Spend Tracker

The Citi ThankYou Rewards program has also earned quite a bit of praise from their Spend Tracker- a feature unique to this bank’s point system alone. The Spend Tracker helps customers to easily allocate and track rewards; and trust us, it is extremely thorough. Through their easily-navigated home screen, customers may view sign-on bonuses, bonus amounts and expiration dates, bonus miles, and even how much you have to spend in order to get certain rewards. It is an intricate system; however, it is only updated after each monthly statement.

Number One: The Citi Stats

AS the leading financial industry in all of the world, you best believe that this company is worth some money. Today, this end-product of the 1998 megamerger between Citicorp and Travelers’ Group has a whopping total assets of $1.7 trillion. In America. They are one of the four main firms that account for half of the nation’s total mortgages, and two-thirds of the total credit cards. We hope you liked discovering the seven helpful financial facts you didn’t know about Citibank!

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