Chuck E. Cheese: 15 Things You Never Knew (Part 2)



Our first set of seven facts you never knew about Chuck E. Cheese really shocked you, but just wait until you see our part two article! We have sought out all of the juiciest information for your reading pleasure, all of which you can find right here! Read on to find out the final top eight things that you never knew about Chuck E. Cheese!

Number Eight: It isn’t Easy to be Chuck

As you probably can assume, putting on the mascot costume is by far the worst job in the joint. The kids that interact with the character have been known to tear the suit, abuse the wearer, and even give them a hard kick to the groin.

Number Seven: Killing Birthday Traditions

Chuck E. Cheese is best known for turning a kid’s birthday into a blast. They even offer special birthday packages, complete with a cake, pizza, party favors, and a gift of tokens. However, one tradition you can’t enjoy at the birthday destination is taking a whack at a piñata. It’s just a lawsuit waiting to happen, people.

Number Six: The Parent Trap

When the concept of animatronic animals approached the minds of the restaurant’s creators, it was actually a ploy to captivate parents. The idea was that the attraction of the free show would lure in parents who were tired of paying for arcade games, and they would end up paying for the games with the help of their kids.

Number Five: Battling ShowBiz

Though many of us are unfamiliar with the chain, Chuck E. Cheese actually encountered quite a bit of competition with a rival chain of the same concept, deemed Showbiz. The co-founders of this restaurant actually stole Bushnell’s ideas after each had encounters with the mastermind. After Bushnell sued them, however, he was earning a percentage of ShowBiz’s profits.

Number Four: Getting Hard

The playful, jersey-wearing mouse we know today wasn’t always so cute and friendly. Upon the emergence of the restaurant, the character of Chuck was actually a hardened rat from New Jersey, complete with a thick accent and cigar-smoking habit.

Number Three: Chuck E. Cheese Goes Punk

Over the past few years, this store has seemed to lose its touch. The company has watched sadly as its sales declined, and they have become desperate for new angles. To bring back the customers, Chuck has taken over a more modern form. He is now being depicted as a punk-rock mouse who looks way too much like Kurt Cobain and is voiced by Bowling for Soup’s Jaret Reddick.

Number Two: No More Brannan

The makeover that Chuck went through replaced previous voice actor, Duncan Brannan, the classic voice of Chuck E. Cheese since 1993. In fact, the company even decided not to tell Brannan, and let him find out on his own. Ouch.

Number One: They Serve Alcohol

Your prayers have been answered. Although the decision has been criticized, the company supports their choice. The vast majority of locations do serve alcohol to parents, but it will cost you a pretty penny. We hope you enjoyed our list of the 15 things that you never knew (until now!) about Chuck E. Cheese!

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