Christie Brinkley: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



If you’ve been following Christie Brinkley‘s career, then you’ll know that she’s traveled the world due to her acting and modeling career. She’s quite the down-to-earth woman, which is refreshing in this modern era. Here are some facts about Christie Brinkley that many people don’t know. Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: Her Creativity Got Her Noticed

When Christie Brinkley was starting out her professional career, it wasn’t as a model or actress. In fact, she was in art school to become an illustrator before she was noticed by someone who was in the modelling field who saw her potential. Although she was reluctant to be a model, she soon found success.

Number Fourteen: Christie Brinkley Is a Wise Woman

Unfortunately, it is a stereotype that models are not the brightest of the bunch, but Christie Brinkley doesn’t fit this description whatsoever. Once, she’s said that “If a person lies to you about what’s in their bank account, they’ll lie to you about other things as well.” It’s certainly something to look out for!

Number Thirteen: She Was Almost Paralyzed

Christie Brinkley is an active woman, and once, it almost killed her. Almost ten years ago, the woman got caught in a horrible skiing accident, and had to have her back operated on immediately.

Number Twelve: She Believes in Smiles

According to Christie Brinkley, one of the best things one can do is smile. As she has said that the act itself “tells your body to release chemicals that make you feel better”, which is extremely true. Points to this actress and model!

Number Eleven: She Works for Charities

This woman has a kind heart. Although she is, of course, known for her career in modelling and acting, she also has put a dent in helping charities such as UNICEF and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Number Ten: She’s a Family Leader

Christie Brinkley has been a positive influence on her family, especially where their health is concerned. Ever since she was young, she became a vegetarian, who educated her family on the violent industry as well. One by one, all of them followed her example!

Number Nine: She Was a Delegate

Something that not many people know about this woman is the fact that she’s a democratic delegate. she worked at the Democratic Convention in L.A. in 2000.

There’s a lot more to this actress and model than most people know! Stay tuned for the next part of the article, which is coming soon!

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