Christian Louboutin: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Christian Louboutin is a standout figure in the fashion industry, as described in part one. Christian Louboutin’s unprecedented success has led to some exceptional circumstances in his life and business. Check out seven more fascinating facts about the designer and his brand below.

Number Seven: Louboutin Shoes Are One of the Most Counterfeited Items Worldwide

20,000 pairs of fake Louboutin heels were seized in one instance, in August 2012. Coveted and counterfeited for their infamous red soles, the seized shoes could have sold for up to $18 million. The shoes had an actual value of only $57,490. Despite the trademarked red sole, Louboutin has filed infringement claims against a number of companies over the years, including another luxury brand, Yves Saint Laurent.

Number Six: Diane von Furstenburg Is One of Christian Louboutin’s Oldest Friends

When Louboutin was first designing shoes, Diane von Furstenburg used to show them on her kitchen table. They remain close friends today, and recently vacationed together in Uzbekistan. Furstenburg also stood publicly in support of Louboutin during his litigation against Yves Saint Laurent.

Number Five: Danielle Steel Is His Biggest Fan

American author Danielle Steel is not only the best-selling author alive; she reportedly owns over 6,000 pairs of shoes and is Louboutin’s biggest client. Steel once purchased 80 pairs at once when shopping in-store.

Number Four: He Doesn’t Have a Business Model

Louboutin has never adopted a business model for his world renowned brand. Despite 59 meticulously designed locations worldwide, he just goes with it, emphasizing fervor and passion for his craft over corporate responsibility.

Number Three: Christian Louboutin Is the Child of an Affair

Louboutin has said that he felt like the odd one out as a child, growing up with three much older, fairer-skinned sisters. When he was young, Louboutin felt heavily influenced by Egypt’s culture. This distinctive interest was reflected in his designs. Ironically, it was in 2013, that Louboutin learned he was the product of an affair between his mother, Irene, and an Egyptian man.

Number Two: He Has a Personal Butler

In a documentary film for Channel 4 that aired in the summer of 2015, Christian Louboutin: The World’s Most Luxurious Shoes, it was revealed that Louboutin works at all times with his personal butler. A man from Bangladesh, Safquat goes everywhere with him, even on holidays.

Number One: Princess Diana Inspired His First Design

After seeing a photo of Princess Diana seated outside the Taj Mahal in 1992, he designed a pair of shoes with the letters ‘LO’ on one foot, and ‘VE’ on the other, in his now infamous shade of red. The wearer would see the word ‘LOVE,’ and Louboutin felt that it was a design that would have made Princess Diana smile when she looked down at her feet. Despite the fact that Louboutin is known today for his heeled shoes, this first design was a pair of flats. According to Louboutin, “a shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk.” Thanks for reading!

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