Cholera: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 1)



Cholera is a serious disease which threatens the life of many, especially those in poor and developing countries. It’s important to understand the risk the¬†infected have in these areas. Here are some facts about the disease everyone should know. Stay tuned to the second part of the article, which is coming soon!

Number Fifteen: Half of Those Untreated Die

As it turns out, fifty percent of all people who contract the disease will die if they are left untreated. This is a huge statistic that must be used as a way to solve the problem.

Number Fourteen: The Dead Body Myth

For years, people believed that cholera is spread even faster – or even a result of – dead bodies. However, this is entirely not the case.

Number Thirteen: Most Cholera Victims Have This in Common

The majority of cholera’s victims will have little to no symptoms, making it even more difficult to detect. This is a huge problem as it hinders the efforts made by clinics whose job it is to make as many people healthy.

Number Twelve: It Can Kill in a Day

One of the scariest things about cholera is that it can kill even the healthiest in a matter of hours. This is a crazy thing since it seems that other sicknesses are more feared by the public in general.

Number Eleven: It Can Be Solved with Salts

The World Health Organization has stated that a whopping 80 percent of those who have the disease can be treated with oral rehydration salts. For those who are in severe need, however, this is only just the first step.

Number Ten: Slum Citizens Are More At Risk

Because cholera is spread through water contamination and other types of fluids, people who live in slums are at higher risk of getting the disease, since they usually have poor sanitation. Sanitation is something we take for granted and is not something most people in the world have, even today.

Number Nine: Surveillance is Used as Prevention

One of the best ways to stop the disease is to use surveillance systems. These can help in the sense that more of an understanding can be made about which areas are more infected than others.

There’s a lot more about this disease that people should know. Stay tuned to part two, coming soon!

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