Chlamydia: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 2)



Chlamydia is the most common STI in the world, infecting millions every year. Still, not as many people know all that there is to know about the condition. Here are more facts about it that most people should know.

Number Eight: It’s Expensive

All of the chlamydia cases there are in America have proven to be quite expensive. All treatments associated with the condition add up to nearly $3 billion every year.

Number Seven: Men Are Rarely Screened

For some reason, men hardly get tested for the condition. This is quite strange, seeing that, statistically speaking, as many men are infected as women!

Number Six: Chlamydia Can Reduce Pain During Sex

Although it should never be someone’s goal to contract chlamydia, it can have a strange side effect: people who have it may feel less pain during sex, especially in the abdominal regions. It can even help with nausea for some people.

Number Five: It Can Cause Pneumonia in Infants

If a mother has chlamydia when she gives birth, there’s a chance that her child will as well, and when this happens, it can cause pneumonia. It’s important that the child is watched so that doctors can detect any symptoms and treat them immediately.

Number Four: Symptoms Take a While to Show Up

If someone contracts chlamydia, it usually takes weeks for any symptoms to show. However, this is only when symptoms were to show up at all, which may not even be the case.

Number Three: FirstBurst Is a Thing

Because testingĀ the condition in men is rarer and is more difficult to detect, certain tests have been designed to make the process easier. FirstBurst is one of these testsĀ and is used to more accurately detect the chlamydia bacteria.

Number Two: The Bacteria Will Always Be Treatable

Unlike many diseases out there, chlamydia will not become resistant to antibiotics, thankfully. This way, you can always count on them as a way to treat chlamydia.

Number One: Preventing It Is Good for the Eyes

Preventing the spread of this STI is more important than keeping the help of one’s sexual organs and parts. Making sure that the condition is treated will also keep away blindness, which is something it can cause. Thanks for reading!

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