Chevrolet: 8 Facts About the Automobile Company



Chevrolet was founded in 1911 in Detroit and was later purchased by American automotive corporation General Motors. Around 4.79 million Chevrolet vehicles were sold in over 130 countries in 2014, placing it as the #62 most valuable brand in the world. Here are eight little-known facts about the car manufacturer!

Number Eight: The Chevrolet Logo Might Be Stolen

There are different stories surrounding where the Chevy logo came from. Some claim it was inspired by the Swiss flag, in honor of Louis Chevrolet’s home country. Another version claims that the logo was “stolen” from that of the coal company Coalettes, with which it bears a striking resemblance.

Number Seven: The First Corvettes Were Too Advanced for the Factory

The famed Corvette was introduced in 1953 as the first fiberglass vehicle mass produced by General Motors. The design was so advanced that factories weren’t able to handle the new technology. The cars had to be pushed to the assembly line because they wouldn’t even start!

Number Six: First Large Scale Teleconference

The Camaro’s release gathered thousands of journalists all over the country, who were awaiting Chevy’s announcement of their new car’s name. 14 different cities were hooked up on a real-time telephonic press conference.

Number Five: Official Police Car in Dubai

The Dubai police department is known for its extravagant, luxurious patrol car fleet. In 2013, they added a Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 to their lavish collection—it’s the first Camaro ever used by a police force in the Middle East.

Number Four: Thoughtful Advertising

The 1978 Chevrolet Corvette Indy 500 was painted specifically so that it would look good in a black and white picture. Color photography already existed, but most magazine ads were printed in black and white at the time.

Number Three: A Corvette Boat

Did you know there’s a Corvette-inspired speed boat? Marine Technology built a scandalous powerboat with the aesthetics of a Corvette ZR1 and an asking price of $1.7 million. The boat is so big it comes with a custom trailer to haul it around!

Number Two: Longest Running Nameplate

The longest running nameplate still in production today is the Chevrolet Suburban. Launched in 1935, it’s always been one of General Motor’s most profitable car models.

Number One: Chevy V. Ford

In 1915, Chevrolet tried to compete with Ford, which was a much cheaper manufacturer at the time. For that purpose, they released the Chevrolet 490 which they sold at the same price as the Ford Model TT—$490. The model was an instant success, and the price of the car increased considerably in the following years (it was around $820 in 1921.) We hope you enjoyed reading our list!

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