Charlize Theron: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Charlize Theron is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. She’s acted in both huge, blockbuster productions as well as interesting pieces. Despite seeing her on a variety of different works, many fans of hers don’t know these facts which PPcorn is sharing with you today. Here are some more things that many people don’t know about this actress.

Number Eight: She Was Almost Paralyzed

When working on the set  of Aeon Flux, Charlize Theron almost was paralyzed. She had suffered a herniated disc between her sixth and seventh vertebrae. Thankfully, she was able to be healed from it.

Number Seven: Her Anger Got Her Noticed

When she first moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, she was discovered in an interesting manner. Once, she got extremely angry at a bank teller for not cashing her check, and the moment garnered the attention of John Crosby. It almost sounds like a scene from a movie!

Number Six: She’s a Supporter of LGBTQ Rights

Before gay marriage was legalized, Charlize Theron had said to the public that she would not ever get married before it was made legal. It is a show of heroism that everyone should be thankful for.

Number Five: She Once Was The Frontwoman for an Anti-Rape Ad

In the late 90s, Charlize Theron fronted an anti-ad campaign that revealed the high rape statistics in South Africa. Before it was released, however, it was banned because the authorities thought it suggested that all South African men were rapists. This seems like an unfortunate event.

Number Four: She’s Tattooed

Like a good number of people, this actress has a tattoo. Hers is a flower which is on her right foot.

Number Three: Charlize Theron Was a Chain Smoker

For a good while, Charlize Theron smoked many a cigarette. It took a hypnotherapist to help break her habit. They say that the experience of hypnotherapy allows the client to let go of anxiety attached to the subject, allowing them to get rid of whatever ails them much easier.

Number Two: She Adopted Her Child

Just a few years ago, this actress adopted a child. Jackson, she has named him, has been a wonderful child.

Number One: She Took Ballet Lessons

When she was very young, Charlize Theron took ballet lessons in order to pursue a career in it, but it died rather quickly. She had an injury that stopped her from doing it anymore. Thanks for reading!

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