Charlie Sheen: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Recently, we brought you part one of this list of facts about Charlie Sheen, an American actor who has been on the scene in Hollywood for multiple decades now. There are still some facts to share, so read on for part two.

Number Eight: Charlie Sheen Shared His Number Publicly

This was apparently an accident. He meant to send Justin Bieber a private message containing his number (God knows why) and ended up posting it to Twitter. This resulted, quite predictably, in an unmanageable amount of calls and he was forced to change his number shortly after.

Number Seven: Rivals with Ashton Kutcher

A lot of people know that Kutcher replaced Sheen on the show Two and a Half Men. These two had a Twitter battle over this where Sheen asked Ashton to quit barfing on his old show.

Number Six: The Scar Story

While filming No Man’s Land in ’87, Sheen got a scar on his chin. It’s been reported that an explosive that was intended to be used as a prop went off on set. This injury required eight stitches.

Number Five: He Was Dedicated to Getting Into Character

You may remember his role in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. He played a stoner and claims to have stayed up for an entire two days before filming, in order to look more convincing for the role.

Number Four: He Named Winona

The celebrity claims that he convinced Winona to start going by Winona Ryder. They were, according to Sheen, listening to Riders on the Storm by The Doors when he gave her the idea.

Number Three: His Daughter Is Named After ‘Scary Movie’

He was shooting the film Scary Movie 3 when his daughter was born. He and his spouse decided to give her a name that had both the letters “S” and “M” in it to honor the movie.

Number Two: Keith David Saved His Life

They were filming the movie Platoon in 1986 when disaster struck. The scene took place in a helicopter with open doors. Charlie almost fell out of the door but Keith managed to grab him just in time, saving the actor’s life.

Number One: Woody Harrelson Got His Roles

Sheen reportedly turned down three different film roles in the ’90s, which all went to Woody Harrelson. These are White Men Can’t Jump, Indecent Proposal, and The Cowboy Way. We hope you enjoyed part two of our article!

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