Charlie Sheen: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Charlie Sheen is a famous actor from the United States, perhaps most famous for his work on the show Two and a Half Men. He became the subject of a lot of scandal and press not so long ago, but there are still some facts that are lesser known about him. Here is part one of our list.

Number Fifteen: He Almost Didn’t Make It

When he was born (originally named Carlos Irwin Estevez), he was a “blue baby”, meaning he almost didn’t survive. His middle name comes from the doctor who saved him.

Number Fourteen: Expelled in High School

He was quite a rebel back in the day, which isn’t very surprising. He had dreams of becoming a professional baseball player, but got caught and arrested for credit card fraud and lost his scholarship offer.

Number Thirteen: Charlie Sheen Is Heavily Inked

Sheen’s entire body is covered in tattoos. Some of the 12 include a dragon wearing glasses, a stingray, and a pep squad picture on his thigh.

Number Twelve: He’s a Gun Enthusiast

Charlie used to have a wide collection of guns, some of which he would bring with him to film sets. However, he had to part ways with this collection after getting in legal trouble over a domestic violence incident.

Number Eleven: ‘Accidental’ Shooting?

Back in 1990, he was engaged to Kelly Preston. This ended when Sheen shot her in the arm. He claims this was an accident, but apparently she disagrees, because they separated shortly after.

Number Ten: He’s a Poet as Well

Apparently this celebrity also possesses a fair degree of writing talent. He likes to write poems about the self and society, and even published a book of his poems once, titled A Peace of my Mind.

Number Nine: Sheen Says He Has Slept with Over 5,000 Women

This seems like an amazingly high number, which makes you wonder how true his claim is. He has also claimed that he’s spent over 50 grand on 27 different hookers, which he professed to in an extensive interview. Hopefully, you enjoyed part one of this article and will return soon for part two!

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