The Chainsmokers: 15 Cool Facts (Part 1)




The Chainsmokers are an EDM duo based in New York City. The due consists of Andrew Taggart (born in 1989) and Alex Pall (born in 1985). They gained fame due to their hit single #SELFIE, which we’ve all heard. Here are some facts you didn’t know about them.

Number Fifteen: Their Viral Hit Had Some Help

Although this song grew rapidly and became a gigantic hit, this did not happen on its own. TheAudience, a marketing firm that works with social media platforms, used the help of “influencers” to spread the music video around the web.

Number Fourteen: The Origins of Their Name

They chose their name, The Chainsmokers because they thought it sounded clever and it was available. They never could have imagined how big it was going to get.

Number Thirteen: The Chainsmokers Have Impressive Numbers

All of the remixes they’ve released have appeared on Hype Machine‘s popular charts, each having over 100,000 plays. Their last five all reached the number one spot.

Number Twelve: Inspiration is Everywhere

They don’t pick and choose when it comes to finding inspiration for their music-making. Both members love all different genres and music types, and wish to continue to evolve and make music that people will least expect.

Number Eleven: The Promotional Tool

They chose a simple and recognizable title for their hit #SELFIE on purpose. In a world where people are consistently bombarded and overloaded with ads and information, they wanted their song to serve as a tool for promotion and to deliver a direct message.

Number Ten: Unique Preparation Methods for Shows

When they’re preparing to go on stage, they have some go-to activities to get them in the mood for performance. They claim that these include getting drunk, punching each other in the face, or steak and espressos. It’s unclear how much of this is a joke.

Number Nine: It’s Not All Fun and Games

Getting signed into the music industry has been described by Alex and Andrew as both their best and the worst memory. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of facts about The Chainsmokers. Thanks for reading!

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