Castle: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Castle has been on the air for a good number of years now, garnering many fans and awards. There’s so much about the show that its hard to know it all. Here on PPcorn, we’re sharing more little-known facts the common fan doesn’t know.

Number Eight: His Mother Was a Playboy Bunny

Castle’s mother Martha, who is played by Susan Sullivan, used to be a Playboy Bunny in real life. Somehow, from seeing the show, it all makes sense now!

Number Seven: Castle Is Half Deaf

Well, not Castle, per say, but the actor certainly is. Nathan Fillion who plays this crime author, is completely deaf in his left ear, and has been since he was one years old.

Number Six: It’s an Award Winner

Over the years, the show has accumulated over ten rewards, including Best Actor and Best Primetime Television Program. It’s easy to see from this alone why it is so popular.

Number Five: The Broken Record of a Newspaper

In one of the show’s episodes, the main character holds a newspaper which he’s reading. If one looks closely, they’ll see that the first three lines repeat themselves over and over again.

Number Four: There’s a Real Marriage in ‘Castle’

Detective Ryan is married to Jenny on the show, but so are the actors. That’s right: in real life, Seamus and Juliana Dever are just as married as they are in the show!

Number Three: Castle Has Classical Ringtones

When Martha, the protagonist’s mother, calls him, Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor plays. Yep, it’s his ringtone for her.

Number Two: A Firefly Connection

Nathan Fillion was on the show Firefly before Castle, but since it ended earlier than the fans had wanted, the show often pays homage to it by referring to it or otherwise. Once, Fillion wore his Firefly costume in one of the episodes!

Number One: Castle Has Style While Driving

Castle isn’t the ordinary crime author, but of course, most people who watch the should know that (not all authors can integrate so well into a real crime scene!). Even more than this is the fact that he drives a Ferrari (Oh yeah).

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