Cartoon Network: 8 Facts You Missed Out On as a Kid



Cartoon Network has been entertaining us since our earliest years, but how much do you really know about this popular television network? Now that we have grown up, it’s time we learned all of the juiciest details about the network that built our childhood! We guarantee you didn’t learn any of these facts as a kid!

Number Eight: The Cartoon Network Studios

The CN Studios are based out of an office building in Burbank, and it is by far one of the coolest places to work. Creative atmosphere is a big concept at the network, which is why the lobby is fitted with a pool table, hockey stick table, and outdoor patio that even hosts live band performances. They also embrace creativity with a graffiti stairwell, kitchen wall full of employee sketches, and an Etch-a-Sketch wall. Each floor is designated to shows in progress, such as Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Regular Show.

Number Seven: An Attraction Per Level

Besides each level being home to a specific program, each level also has a unique snack-based attraction. This idea was put in place to get people moving around the building and keeping their creative juices flowing. Each floor of the building has a desirable snack option, and these options include anything from a Freestyle Coca-Cola machine to an instant coffee maker, to a Lucky Charms bar.

Number Six: A Sundance Star

The brainchild of Cartoon Network, Adventure Time, has reached record levels of popularity. As odd as it may seem, this program even made a star appearance at the Sundance Film Festival. A short from the show was accepted into the festival and made headlines as the first animated series ever to do so. They also have a variety of Emmy Awards from various “best animated series” victories.

Number Five: Home to Art Show

Within the headquarters of the Cartoon Network family, they have a strong appreciation for visual art. So much so that they even host a different art show in their studios every month. The extensive art gallery on the ground floor is home to many artists’ works, some who worked in the studio, and some who didn’t. One of the most notable artists to appear in the gallery is former mobster Henry Hill, who was given his own show in the early 2000s.

Number Four: Color Scheming

In creating a hit animated series, artists use large color palettes to display as inspiration. The network has actually hired a few artists to compose the palettes, and each has come up with the most creative names for the color schemes based on the source show. For example, the color palate that displays the shades of green used to create Muscle Man in Regular Show is deemed “My Mom”. Mordecai’s blue is titled “Slack and Blue”, and even Pop’s shade of white has been named “Fanciness”. It’s all about the imagination here, folks.

Number Three: No Breaks for Creators

When it comes to making traditional TV series, creators often have a few months of vacation time between seasons where their efforts are not required until production begins again. However, that isn’t quite the case at CN Studios. Here, creation teams are constantly working year-round to create new shows. The Adventure Time team has been working continuously since the show first aired in 2008, and more impressively, the Ben 10 team has been in production mode for more than 10 years now.

Number Two: Lots of Drawing Practice

It takes more work that you might originally think to bring a sketch to life. On average, an 11-minute episode usually requires an average of 15,000 drawings from the illustrators. Talk about hand cramps!

Number One: The Studio History

The graffiti stairwell that sits in the studio building isn’t just a well-decorated mode of transportation, it is a reminder of the history of Cartoon Network. The tradition of tagging the stairwell began when the original workers took a day to attack the stairwell with a bit of creativity and some spray paint. The spray paint tradition has since been ended due to safety hazards, but artists still use other materials to add new characters to the wall. The artwork depicts anything from Jake the Dog to a Batman sketch made by Bruce Timm. We hope you enjoyed discovering all eight facts you missed out on as a kid about Cartoon Network!

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