Capital One: 6 Crucial Facts for Better Banking



Capital One has swooped up an astounding customer base in the recent years, and we have come to show you just why they are so successful. Whether you bank with this institution or not, you will definitely want to know these six crucial facts to better banking. Who knows, you might just consider switching when you finish reading everything we have to show you!

Number Six: Capital One Shares

To start off, we would like to explore the possibility of becoming a Capital One shareholder. If you haven’t jumped on that train yet, it is definitely an opportunity worth looking into. This institution is exceptional at managing their finances (shocking that a bank would be, right?), which has earned them a place on the renowned Fortune 500 list. They have grown to cultivate the sixth- largest deposit portfolio in the whole country, and is now the fourth-largest customer of the U.S. postal service. Considering their wide array of marketing techniques for growth (like the amazing 360 account), they are guaranteed for expansion and profit.

Number Five: The Pinnacle of Safe Banking

When banking with this institution, you can rest assured that your finances are in capable hands. Since their development in 1933, they have acquired a handful of other banks, including the Chevy Chase Bank (not to be confused with the JP Morgan Chase bank). Their services are backed with a remarkable sum of almost $250 billion, making it the ninth most profitable bank in the world.

Number Four: The Thing About Routing Numbers

Routing numbers are present in most financial institutions, and this bank has a whopping sum of 98. Without this number, it is impossible to access you information. So, you better hold tight when they give you yours- it will be difficult to find it again.

Number Three: Savings for Kids

If you are just starting to introduce your little one to the wide world of banking, Capital One offers the top of the line service. There are almost always bonuses for signing up for this FREE account, and it comes with a respectable APY of 0.75%, no deposit minimum, and a personalized savings tracker platform.

Number Two: A World of Benefits

Every bank seems to offer benefits (like cash back) these days, but Capital One has the premium package for benefits. In addition to their impressive cash back rates that exceed the average, cardholders also receive exclusive benefits and access to the Orange Bowl, air miles, and spending bonuses. They also feature a Journey student card with extensive rewards and high acceptance rates for millennials plagued with poor credit.

Number One: The 360 Accounts

In an effort to further grow their massive customer base, this institution has recently unveiled their unique 360 banking accounts. With these one-of-a-kind checking and savings accounts (including the kids’ account), customers reap the benefits of fee-free service, no minimum balances or deposits, free ATM use worldwide, and a competitive APY of 0.20% for each. If you don’t consider yourself to be a big spender (or saver), this is definitely the account for you. We hope you enjoyed our list of the six crucial facts to better banking through Capital One!

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