Canon: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We are back with seven more fascinating pieces of trivia about Japanese camera manufacturer Canon. Keep reading!

Number Seven: It Established a Charity Foundation

Canon’s Care Scheme aims to support charitable events, organizations or individuals in need of financial support. The foundation accepts requests from educational, environmental, humanitarian and cultural areas, although in the UK and Ireland only.

Number Six: Smartphones Are Threatening the Business

Canon lowered its revenue forecast for 2014, as demand dramatically slowed for digital cameras. Smartphones are behind this drop in camera sales, as built-in cell phone cameras keep increasing in quality. Myojo Asset Management Co’s chief executive explained that “Canon was too aggressive with their SLR sales forecast. People who want them already bought them.”

Number Five: They’ll Teach You How to Shoot

Canon holds a variety of workshops that aim at helping users acquire a better understanding of how their camera works. Workshops, which are usually one or two days long, range from creative photography to video shooting. A full list of the courses offered can be found here.

Number Four: They’ve Had Over 200 Digital Cameras on the Market

The company has released almost 300 digital cameras since the technology was first introduced in the late 20th century. Every Canon camera released, both film and digital, can be seen on Canon’s virtual camera museum.

Number Three: It Manufactures Medical Equipment

Canon produces medical machinery in radiology, medical imaging and, most importantly, eye care. After all, cameras imitate the workings of the human eye.

Number Two: Canon and HP Form a Power Alliance

Technologic titans Canon and Hewlett-Packard first teamed up in 1985. Their collaboration, which still lasts to this day, works as follows: Canon produces all the laser technology used in printers, which is then marketed under HP’s brand. Approximately one fifth of Canon’s revenue is a result of this partnership.

Number One: It Was Close to Shutting Down After World War II

The famous Japanese company barely made it through the war. After a partial loss of one of their laboratories and an extreme shortage in materials, Canon was close to putting an end to their photographic endeavors. However, they managed to stay afloat by reusing pieces from older models which they installed in new cameras. Their post-war goal was to “catch-up with, and surpass the Leica”, which they eventually did. Their determination saved the business.

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