Canadian lakefront cabin on St. Joseph Island



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This place makes me so homesick for Canada! Heather and Marie sent me this gorgeous cabin rental that is set on Twin Lakes on St. Joseph Island – which is east of my home town in northern Ontario.

St. Joe’s (as the locals call it) is a ruggedly beautiful island in the north channel of Lake Huron. The island features terrain as varied as dense woodlands, picturesque pastures, rocky outcroppings and sandy beach shores. There are a couple of tiny towns on the island and many farms, camps and cottages.

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This particular cabin is a vacation rental that will put you back $195 (Canadian dollars) per night. It comes fully equipped for the ultimate Canadian summer vacation with kayaks, canoe, fire pit, and private dock. For those rainy days, the cabin features a game room complete with ping-pong table and electric dart board (!?!).

Let’s have a look inside…

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Very cozy and VERY Canadian! (Look at the little wee tv!) Not that Canadians don’t have big screen tv’s… but I’m Canadian and my tv is VERY small and dated like that one!

Anyhow… the Canadiana continues on into the kitchen (note the old snowshoe mounted on the wall – I learned to snowshoe on a wood & leather pair just like that!)

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And welcome to the woodsy master bedroom where the only surprise is the rose-covered comforter… I’m surpised it’s not decked out in a beaver print or something. (Canada’s national animal is none other than, the beaver.)

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But look at the next bedroom…

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Leaf-print bedspreads with a red maple leaf right on the pillow! So cute!

The other bedroom is a little more neutral…

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…but still reminds me of summer camp in northern Ontario.

If you would like more information on renting this Canadian cabin, see the link here.

Thanks to Marie and Heather for transporting me back to a happy, peaceful place…

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(and Heather, you hurry up and get your cabin done so that I can post some pics!)  😉



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