Bullet holes included: 1935 “Ma Barker” shoot-out house for sale in Florida




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The talk of newspaper homes sections last week around the nation was all about the latest listing in Ocklawaha, Florida. The notorious house where “Ma” Barker and her son Fred were hiding out in 1935 when they were gunned down in a dramatic shootout with FBI agents is up for sale!

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The house has just been listed on the market for the first time EVER since it was built in 1930. It was built for Miami businessman Carson Bradford as a vacation home and the property is still owned by his descendants.

In 1935, ‘Ma’ Barker – leader of the infamous Barker/Karpis gang – and her son Fred had rented the vacation home in Ocklawaha Florida to hide out from the law.

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But the FBI came knocking at the door and what ensued was one of the longest and fiercest gun battles in FBI history. After five hours of pummeling the wood home with bullets, the FBI agents entered the house and found Ma Barker and her son Fred shot to death inside. The poor house was riddled with bullet holes inside and out. Windows were blasted to peices, and mirrors shattered.

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The woodframe house stood up remarkably well… considering it was shredded by over 2,500 rounds of ammunition! The FBI agents essentially shot up the whole house – from all sides – to the point where no one inside could have possibly survived.

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Some locals claim the house is haunted to this day by the ghost of the fierce Ma Barker, protecting her gangster son.

In the aftermath of the bloodbath, the owners of the house patched most of the bullet holes in the walls, but had the foresight to keep the home in its original state as a historical tribute to the infamous event.

The listing flyer makes the pitch that even though the bullet holes have been plastered over, you can still see the pock-mark indentations in the walls.

Also, the owners have maintained several pieces of furniture that have actual bullets lodged in them from the 1935 shootout – and they are included with the sale of the house!

To see the amazing photos of the 1935 shoot-out scene and what the rooms look like today, check out the house’s website here. (Click on the Memorabilia Catalogue to see interior photos)

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Updates have only been made to the home’s kitchen; the rest of the 2,016 square foot house remains in original condition.

Offers on the Lake Weir waterfront 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home are being accepted until October 5th, 2012 with a minimum bid of $1 million suggested.

If I had a million dollars — I’d buy me a 1930’s gangland shootout house in Florida!!!


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