Bronchitis: 15 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Bronchitis is an extremely common medical condition in the modern day, and it is important to get informed about its risks. For those of you who may not already be aware, this is a lung-based inflammation that inhibits full use of the organ. Though bronchitis will often resolve itself in acute cases, it can become much more dangerous if the symptoms continue. To give you all the information that you need to educate yourself about this illness, we have created this helpful article! Don’t forget to come back for our part two article, coming soon with the top eight shocking facts that you didn’t know about bronchitis!

Number Fifteen: Bronchitis in History

One of the earliest documentations of this disease was made by a man named Charles Badham in 1808, who described it and coined its title. In these days, the disease was still extremely common across the globe. Thanks to early studies such as these, the modern medical professionals have been able to create a wide range of effective treatments for its symptoms.

Number Fourteen: Affected Groups

Oddly enough, this sort of pulmonary disorder is mostly common among children. However, the large increase in the number of smoking individuals in the last century has cultivated this disease to be more noticeable in adults.

Number Thirteen: The Nature of the Beast

Bronchitis is often the result of prolonged inflammation of the bronchi, which are primarily responsible for transporting air to and from your lungs. The onset of this disease is categorized as a pulmonary disorder, or the leading cause of such. Affected persons may experience acute symptoms, which usually resolve themselves after a period of time, or a chronic illness in which symptoms continue to occur.

Number Twelve: The Symptoms

In order to diagnose a case of bronchitis, it is important to pay attention to the variety of symptoms you may be experiencing. Common symptoms that indicate this condition include a nasty cough that may produce discolored and thick mucus, dyspnea, fatigue, fever or chest pains, constant feeling of being cold, or a vibrating chest.

Number Eleven: The Risk

The onset of this disease is often mild; however, it can become more serious if left untreated. Patients who lack a strong enough immune system to fight the disease are at a greater risk of developing chronic or even asthmatic conditions. Additionally, a prolonged experience of this disease poses a greater risk for pneumonia to enter the body.

Number Ten: It Can Be Contagious

When developing the first stages of acute bronchitis, it will be most noticeable at night. A dry cough at late hours is often experienced before the symptoms progress. At this stage especially, the disease is highly contagious when airborne.

Number Nine: A Quick Fix

If you are experiencing the initial stages of bronchitis, it is highly recommended that you try increasing the humidity of your home. A humidifier should have a beneficial effect on your symptoms, as will placement of various wet towels and blankets throughout your home. Don’t forget to come back for our part two article, coming soon with the top eight shocking facts that you didn’t know about bronchitis!

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