Britney Spears: 8 Facts You Didn’t Know



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Britney Spears is one of the most well-known and widely recognized international pop icons. She has eight best-selling albums, has embarked on several world tours and now has a wildly popular Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood. Though Britney’s life is relatively transparent, not even super-fans know everything about the pop diva. Here are eight things you might not know about Britney Spears.

Number One: Britney was in a girl group before she went solo

Spears was originally in a girl group called “Innosense” before she started her solo career. She left the group in 1997 when she signed with Jive Records.

Number Two: Britney Spears helped launch Grey’s Anatomy

Well, not exactly. Shonda Rhimes created the popular television dramas Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. Shonda Rhimes also wrote Crossroads, Britney’s first and only feature-length film. The movie opened in 2002 to bad reviews, but this helped launch Rhimes’ career nonetheless.

Number Three: Britney could be an opera singer

Spears is known to have a soprano vocal range, that of many successful opera singers. Though many of her tracks involve auto-tune, her voice is undeniably beautiful.

Number Four: She only has one Grammy

It seems hard to believe, but the princess of pop only has one Grammy from her hit, “Toxic.” However, Britney has received an impressive eight nominations over the course of her career.

Number Five: Spears writes most of her songs

Most people might view spears as just another blonde ditz, but she co-writes or writes most of her songs. The more personal her music is, the more emotion she puts into it.

Number Six: Britney doesn’t love all of her songs

Reportedly, Spears hates her song, “Sometimes.” It was the second single released from her debut album, “Hit Me Baby, One More Time.” Unsurprisingly, she hasn’t performed the song since 2002.

Number Seven: Britney is a trustworthy friend

Britney was one of the first people Lance Bass came out to as being gay. He told her in 2004, but it wasn’t public knowledge until 2006.

Number Eight: Britney Spears and Natalie Portman were co-stars

Before Britney joined the Mickey Mouse club, she moved to New York and was an understudy for an Off-Broadway play. She and Portman were both understudies for “Ruthless!”. Spears and Portman have reportedly been good friends for awhile, even hosting a New Year’s Eve party together in 2002.

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