Bodybuilding: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We filled you in with the first set of seven facts that you didn’t know about bodybuilding, and we have finally returned to give you all of the information that you are missing out on! Our part two article wraps up all of the significant facts that you need to know about this lifestyle. Read on to discover the final top eight things that you didn’t know about bodybuilding!

Number Eight: The Importance of Aerobics

Don’t focus on weight training every day that you work out, try to throw some aerobics in the mix. Many people mistakenly believe that aerobics hinder muscle formation, but it is actually quite essential to their growth. This style of workout will increase the metabolism, and increase the body’s ability to remove workout byproducts (sweat, lactic acid). It will also increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to muscular areas.

Number Seven: You Need Fat

If you are trying to gain muscle, you probably aren’t worried about getting big in the first place. So why bother avoiding fats? This nutrient is actually something your body needs to bulk up on muscle, and in greater amounts than it used to. While you shouldn’t be bingeing on mac and cheese and wings all the time, it is essential to throw in a good number of beneficial fats (like nuts of avocado) to your diet.

Number Six: Bodybuilding Supplements

Some supplements can be dangerous, but the right ones will help you to achieve your goals. Supplements should never replace one’s diet, but rather, well, supplement it. These products aim to improve the diet offered by whole foods by supplying additional nutrients and other anabolic compounds. Some of the most effective options include whey protein, multivitamins, creatine, and L-glutamine.

Number Five: Educate Yourself

The biggest key to doing anything well is having a firm understanding of what you are getting yourself into. If you are reading this article, you have already taken an initiative to learn more about this process- good job! The best bodybuilders are made by continuously reading and studying up on all of the knowledge that will help you.

Number Four: Fats Don’t Make You Fat

Contrary to the title “fat”, this nutrient isn’t to blame for the gaining of fat tissue. It isn’t what you eat that matters (to an extent), it is how much you eat of it. Though most people believe that certain types of food will cause you to get fat, the real culprit is the surplus of calories your body is taking in.

Number Three: The Three-Day Rule

We thinking about the effect our workouts have on our figure, many of us kind of assume that we work out, strengthen our muscles, and we get strong while we sleep. However, it doesn’t exactly happen so simply. It actually takes about three days’ time for a workout to fully affect the muscle, considering the healing time. If you wake up one day with a six-pack, you can thank the workout that finally pushed you to greatness three days prior.

Number Two: Meal Frequency

It has become common knowledge among the fit crowds that it is healthier to eat multiple small meals a day; however, this is only applicable to the goal of losing weight. When bodybuilding, the frequency of your meals loses significance. The number of calories burned from eating a meal is a consistent percentage of that meal. As long as your body is receiving the right level of nutrients it requires, it doesn’t really matter when you consume them.

Number One: It Could Make You Go Bald

Users of anabolic steroids often encounter inevitable and intense hair loss. A chemical called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) latches on to the receptors in hair follicles, which thins the hairline. Remarkably, a ridiculous 90% of the competitors in Mr. Olympia, the bodybuilding show, have lost all of their hair. We hope you enjoyed learning the 15 things you didn’t know about bodybuilding!

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