The Blacklist: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Recently, we brought you part one of this list of facts about the hit television seriesThe BlacklistWe learned that a few of the cast members have appeared on ER, and that some of them have unique talents. Here is part two of our list.

Number Eight: James Spader Wasn’t the First Person Cast on The Blacklist

You’d think that since he plays such an important role and is arguably the most famous actor on the show, he would have been the first choice. It was, however, Megan Boone first.

Number Seven: Harry Lennix Trained Obama?

In 2013, a website called published an article claiming that the actor who plays Harold Cooper on The Blacklist actually trained the president. Apparently these “training sessions” involved teaching Obama how to appear “more presidential”. Cooper vehemently denies this, saying he does not even like Obama.

Number Six: Ryan Eggold Published a Biography

The title of his book was written by Howard Sosa and tells of his pathway to success. He tells about his childhood and even his present personal events.

Number Five: Megan Boone Grew Up in an Old Folks’ Home

Seriously, she lived in a retirement village in Florida as a kid, with elderly people as her main companions growing up. She told Jimmy Fallon that she has lived her life backwards.

Number Four: The Doctor Who Mistake

Observant fans who are also Doctor Who watchers might have spotted this one. Aram tells Elizabeth that he downloaded the fourth season of the show, and that Tom Baker is amazing. Baker, however, didn’t actually appear until season 10 of Doctor Who.

Number Three: James Spader Doesn’t Like TV

This seems intensely ironic given his career choice, but it’s true. Although he’s appeared in numerous television series, including The Office, Boston Legal, and of course, The Blacklist, he has admitted that he’s not a big fan of TV.

Number Two: Odd Jobs Along the Pathway to Success

Before Spader became a big name, he had modest jobs. These included mopping floors and even shoveling manure. He also talked his way into teaching a yoga class even though he had never attempted yoga before.

Number One: The Erroneous Passport Information

Elizabeth opens her husband’s fake passport on an episode of the show, which is supposed to be a Swiss passport. It’s actually a German one. We hope you enjoyed part two of our article.

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