Black Sails: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We already brought you part one of this list of facts about the TV series about pirates, Black Sails. We learned that the set is incredibly huge and that The Walrus will never sail for real. Here is part two of our list.

Number Eight: Flint’s Favorite Marcus Aurelius Book is ‘Meditations’

You may remember Miranda Barlow telling Richard Guthrie that if he desires to understand the man behind Flint’s persona, he should read a Marcus Aurelius book. We now know that the book referred to is called Meditations.

Number Seven: Flashbacks Featured in Season Two Were Filmed in the First 10 Days

The entire sequence of flashbacks that are placed throughout the second season of the show were filmed in a very short time. They did these during the first week and a half of filming.

Number Six: Toby Stephens is Familiar With Swords

Previous to becoming Captain Flint, actor Tony Stephens acted in a battle scene in the James Bond film Die Another Day. The actor has been playing with swords since back in drama school.

Number Five: Everyone on Black Sails Will Most Likely Die

The show takes place in the year 1715, which means that in a few years time, every character should be dead. This is only if the show ends up staying true to history, however.

Number Four: The Show’s Theme Was Made With a Hurdy Gurdy

This instrument was popular in the 1700s, so the composer for the show decided it was quite appropriate. He has also composed music for a couple of other shows including The Walking Dead and Battlestar Galactica.

Number Three: The Cast Loves Assassin’s Creed

When asked in an interview what he thinks of the game, Luke Arnold gave an enthusiastically positive response. He says that almost the entire cast enjoyed playing the game together on the set of Black Sails.

Number Two: It Was Renewed Before Anyone Saw It

The pilot for the show had such a strong reaction, Starz decided to renew it for a second season immediately. This was before they even began making season two.

Number One: Nassau Will be Taken Back

If we look to history for clues as to how this show will play out, we’ll notice that the British Government should be taking back Nassau within a few years. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of facts.

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