Bigamy: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Bigamy is something which occurs around the world, even though it isn’t spoken of too much, at least in Western cultures. Because of this, it’s important to shed light on the topic. Here are more facts about it that most people know.

Number Eight: There Used to Be a Festival for It

When bigamy was a bigger, more accepted thing, there used to be festivals surrounding them. People could arrive with their multiple spouses to said events and there would be banquets, theatre, and dancing.

Number Seven: If Someone Is Dead For a While, It’s Okay

It’s not very known that if a spouse has been proclaimed dead or missing for more than seven years that a person may remarry without it being known as polygamy, at least legally (in the United States).

Number Six: The Story of Theresa Vaughn

In 1922, there was a woman who was found to have had 62 husbands! She was tried and prosecuted in the United Kingdom for doing such an act. The woman’s name was Theresa Vaughn.

Number Five: There Have Been Some Famous Bigamists

When Kuralt was discovered to have sustained a separate family for nearly 30 years, it shocked everyone who was a fan of his. As it turned out, he had a whole other life with the woman, but people didn’t know this until after he died. Furthermore, one of the most famous bigamists in history is Mussolini, who married Rachele Guidi while still being married to Ida Dalser. Sadly, the dictator tried to put the first wife in a mental hospital to get rid of her.

Number Four: Bigamy Is Big in the Animal Kingdom

Due to our social constructs, bigamy has not been very much accepted, but in the animal kingdom, it’s a lot more normal. Chimpanzees and lions are just two examples of animals that share partners.

Number Three: There Are Cultural Legends Behind It

In order to keep some individuals from engaging in any form of bigamy, stories have been told to instill certain fears that keep people in the box of monogamy. One legend tells women that they must stay in one relationship in order to produce milk for a healthier child, for instance.

Number Two: It Has Its Limits

In some cultures, where bigamy is allowed, there are limits to it. In the Koran, for example, a man is not able to have more than four wives.

Number One: In Men, It Can Lower Stress

According to some studies, men who practice bigamy may show signs of being less stressed, especially in comparison to men who do not. For women, the opposite is true, however the number of women who have many husbands is more rare. Bigamy is an interesting thing, and it remains hidden despite being largely prevalent. Thanks for reading!

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