The World’s 10 Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve



New Year’s Eve is a very big deal for a lot of people, regardless of nationality. It’s a time to say goodbye to the past year and welcome new experiences of the coming year – and it’s also a time to party hard. So, where should you party this year? Below, we present the world’s 10 best places to spend New Year’s Eve. Check them out, and book your flight below!

Number Ten: Sydney, Australia. People in Sydney love to celebrate New Year’s on the beautiful waterfront. The fireworks near the Sydney Harbour Bridge are absolutely unbeatable.

Number Nine: Christmas Island, South Pacific. Though it’s named after Christmas, you’ll definitely want to spend New Year’s Eve here instead. There are only 5,000 residents on this small island, so celebrating New Year’s here will be intimate and romantic.

Number Eight: Tokyo, Japan. A Tokyo tradition is to eat buckwheat noodles on New Year’s Eve. Come here to experience old tradition in a modern, bright setting.

Number Seven: Beirut, Lebanon. Though Lebanon has a history of being involved in war, its capital is an excellent place to celebrate the new year. The light show on the art deco clock tower in Nejmeh Square is something you can’t miss, and the churches and mosques make for a gorgeous backdrop for fireworks.

Number Six: Madrid, Spain. People really know how to party in Spain, so of course, Madrid is a great place to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The traditional way to celebrate New Year’s Eve is to swallow 12 grapes – one for each stroke of midnight. Many people gather in front of the clock in Puerta del Sol to watch gorgeous fireworks go off at midnight.

Number Five: Paris, France. The Champs-Elysees is one of the greatest places to celebrate the new year. People wielding bottles of champagne roam the streets, and the public transportation system is free for the entire night.

Number Four: London, England. People spending New Year’s Eve in London love to gather along the Thames and in Trafalgar Square. At midnight, Big Ben goes off, and the famous London Eye gives off an incredible light show for all to see.

Number Three: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is one of the world’s most colorful cities, and New Year’s Eve here is no exception. Millions of people gather on the beaches dressed in white to throw flowers into waves at midnight. Afterward, there is partying, music and dancing.

Number Two: Las Vegas, Nevada. Vegas, baby! New Year’s here is always a thrill, and you can do just about anything you want in the place where anything goes. Thousands attend special performances and parties, staying awake long after the sun goes down.

Number One: New York City, New York. Finally, though many people believe watching the ball drop in the big apple is overrated, it is still one of the most beautiful and iconic events to witness in person. Millions of people watch the ball drop on tv, and even though being there means braving a giant crowd, it is worth doing at least once in your life.

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