Berlin: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Berlin, Germany is one of Europe’s most famous capital cities. We all know about the Berlin wall, but there are many lesser known facts about this city. Here is part one of our list.

Number Fifteen: The City of 1,700 Bridges

Berlin has even more bridges than Venice, which only has between 100 and 200. Traveling by boat is completely possible here, and is a popular choice activity for tourists visiting Berlin.

Number Fourteen: Visited by American Presidents

As it stands, six different US presidents have made historic speeches in Berlin since the end of the war. Among the most memorable of visits were that of John F. Kennedy in 1963 and Ronald Reagan’s speech in 1987.

Number Thirteen: Berlin Has an Unusually High Amount of Foreign Residents

It’s the most multi-cultural locationĀ in all of Germany. Berlin has about 3.5 million residents, and 30% of those are said to have relocated from 184 other countries.

Number Twelve: Three Active Opera Houses

This is the only city in the entire world that has three opera houses still in use today. These auditoriums combined can hold over 4,000 audience members. If you’re an opera fan who is planning on making a visit, it’s helpful to know that if you are younger than 30, you get lower ticket prices.

Number Eleven: Notoriously Unhealthy People

Health professionals recommend that the average person should consume at least 400 grams of vegetables a day. Berlin residents do not even get close to that recommendation. The average female eats 141 grams of veggies per day and the average male consumes only 124.

Number Ten: The Longest Wall of Sneakers

It turns out this city is famous for more than one wall. The longest sneaker wall on the planet exists right in the middle of the city and has over 370 different types of sneakers for shoe lovers, all on one wall.

Number Nine: Michael Jackson’s Baby Dangling Incident

Most of us know about the incident of this pop superstar holding his son out the window of a hotel room back in 2002, but did you know that this famous event took place in a luxurious Berlin hotel? Now you do. We hope you enjoyed the first half of our article about this German capital. Part two is coming soon.

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