Barcelona: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We already brought you part one of our list of 15 things you didn’t know about Barcelona, and now we’re back with part two! Check out seven more fascinating facts about the beautiful city below.

Number Seven: One of Their Cathedral’s is Home to Geese

Eulalia was a young girl, owner of geese, who lived in Barcelona during Medieval times. She got savagely tortured and crucified due to her refusal to give up Christianism. A cathedral was erected as homage to the little girl. 13 geese have been living in Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia’s cathedral ever since—one for each year Santa Eulalia lived before she was executed.

Number Six: Barcelona’s Architecture Inspired Star Wars

George Lucas has cited Gaudí’s chimneys from Casa Pedrera and Casa Milà as strong sources of inspiration for his stormtrooper’s outfit design. The resemblance is more than apparent!

Number Five: Barcelona’s Second Underground City

Lots of things are going on under Barcelona’s busy streets. For start, there are over a thousand bomb shelters scattered around the city, built during the Spanish civil war. Some of them, like Refugi 307, can be visited today. Ghost metro stations and old sewage systems can also be toured upon request.

Number Four: Barcelona Dragons

Walking around the city you will come across hundreds of dragons. Not real dragons, obviously, but sculpted ones. And these are everywhere: parks, facades, walls, fountains, rooftops… Visitors can book a guided tour to find some of the nearly 300 dragons hidden in the city!

Number Three: Barcelona’s Old Magic Museum

This might be the most charming store in Barcelona: founded in 1881, El Rei de la Màgia (“the king of magic”) is a little store dedicated exclusively to magic. The establishment also counts with a little theatre, where magic performances are carried out, and a museum. It’s one of the oldest magic stores in the world.

Number Two: It’s Got Europe’s Third Oldest Amusement Park

The Tibidabo park is noteworthy for two reasons: it’s Spain’s longest operating amusement park and Europe’s third and, secondly, it is located on Barcelona’s highest peak, on the Collserola Ridge, at 512 m (1679 ft). The view from its ferris wheel is not to be missed.

Number One: LGBT Capital of the World

Barcelonians can (and will) brag about how welcoming and open-minded they are. The city holds an annual gay and lesbian festival that welcomes over 70,000 visitors every edition. The “Circuit Festival” is now, officially, the biggest and most relevant event of its type in Europe, and it’s on its way to become the world’s LGBT festival of the world.

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